Why is Subdivision Mapping Important?

Subdivision Mapping is a way to break up a large piece of land into several smaller pieces of land. The main aim of subdivision mapping is to clearly illustrate the break down of a large piece of property into several smaller lots for potential homeowners to construct upon. First and foremost, it will ensure that a new project is on a legally correct piece of property and also has the right amount of space for future development. It’s vital that you know exactly what the boundaries are on your new lot so you don’t accidentally build over them. The process also allows you to keep things well planned in case any unforeseen issues arise.


It is very important when it comes to subdivision mapping that you have accurate information about your lot lines, fences, powers of attorney, easements, boundaries and all other property lines. Without those you won’t be able to determine what boundary surveys you have or where to locate your new lot line and begin your building process. It is vital that all of these legal documents are accurately filled out and recorded by your local courthouse. This is because when planning your new neighborhood you need to clearly understand how all of these properties will relate to one another. Failing to do so can lead to complications down the road.


The next step to take when it comes to subdivision mapping is obtaining a copy of your property lines by visiting your local courthouse and completing your property boundary surveys. If you are unable to obtain a copy of your property lines by hand, you should consider purchasing one from your local law library. You can also purchase your high precision boundary surveys from your local government office. These are much more convenient if you don’t have time to go to the courthouse and fill out many different forms.


Once you’ve completed your boundary surveys, you’ll want to draw your new subdivision boundary onto your newly drawn boundary map. To do this, simply use a pencil to draw your new subdivision boundary lines. Be sure to account for all of the street intersection and curb joints where you currently have roads and driveways intersecting your property. After drawing your boundary lines you will be ready to apply them to your new subdivision map.


One last thing to remember when drawing boundaries on your subdivision maps is that you must always include your legal description of your property. It is important that all of the legal descriptions on your map match your boundaries, as otherwise there may be legal issues that arise when you attempt to resolve them on your own later. To help you ensure accuracy you should use a software program designed for this purpose.


When it comes to Subdivision Mapping, accuracy is essential. There are too many potential problems associated with a poor-quality map. If you wish to be sure that your plan and map are accurate, you should hire a subdivision mapping professional. There are many great professionals in the Long Island area that will be more than happy to help you map your land for free. They can also give you invaluable advice when it comes to making additions or subtractions to your land plan. You will be able to rest assured knowing that your land plan will be completely accurate and up to date.


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