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Sometimes we need to move certain heavy items around the house to continue the DIY remodeling. The weight of some pieces of furniture is bearable. However, if the object weighs three times your actual weight, you don’t have to force yourself to move objects that heavy or you risk breaking your back. Fortunately, moving experts recommend using furniture slides. Furniture slides are helpful items to have on hand. Here you will find the most important information you need to know about the item.

Buying Guide

  1. What exactly are furniture slides?

    Reply: Furniture slides are used to move furniture and appliances around the home and office. These elements come in the form of cushions that are placed under the legs of the device or furniture. Once these sliders are in place, users can now move the furniture as they wish. Furniture sliders are not the same as protective pads, as these items are often coated with glue. This means that sliders are reusable. These sliders are also made of sturdy material so they have many uses.

  2. How can you move furniture with furniture slides?

    Reply: Once you’ve selected the correct size and shape furniture slides, it’s time to learn how to use them properly. Position the sliders under the furniture. Press from the narrower side so you can slide properly. Push forward to the right and then forward to the left. Carefully push the furniture or device further – keep control with your hand.

  3. How do you choose the right furniture slide?

    Reply: First, you need furniture slides that match the floor. Carpet sliders are usually made of plastic and foam. It has a larger plastic base and the foam is attached in the middle. The exterior parts of the carpet sliders usually have a rather oily surface so that appliances and furniture can slide easily across the floor. Sliders for wooden floors are made up of two layers – a lower layer with felt and an upper layer with foam. The foam is used for gripping furniture or equipment, while the felt bottom allows it to be moved quickly on harder surfaces. Choose the right furniture slide for your floor type. Next, you need to determine the weight, size and shape of the equipment or furniture that you plan to move. This will help determine the type of furniture slide you will need for your project.

Our top picks

Flerise Furniture Moving Kit

  • Contains 16 pieces
  • Made from high quality EVA foam
  • Ideal for hardwood and other hard surfaces
  • Leaves no scratches

The Flerise Furniture Moving Kit is suitable for all types of hard, even floors. The package contains 16 sliding pieces made of high-quality EVA foam that easily grip furniture and devices. Ideal for wooden floors, linoleum, ceramic tiles, concrete floors and the like. Very easy to use as all you have to do is slide it under the item. It protects the floor from scratches and dents when heavy objects are moved. Durable enough for many uses.

SuperSliders 4703395N Reusable felt furniture for hardwood floors

  • Moves furniture easily
  • Suitable for all hard surfaces
  • Reusable sliders
  • 4-piece pack

With the reusable felt furniture SuperSliders 4703395N, moving heavy objects for moving or remodeling becomes an easy task. It is ideal for hard surfaces of ceramic tile floors, wooden floors, linoleum and similar surfaces. The upper foam layers of this slider take the weight of heavy objects and give them sufficient stability and effortless movement. The rubber foam is also sturdy and offers a strong hold.

X-Protector furniture slider for carpets

  • Contains 8 sliders
  • 4 3/4 inches in diameter
  • High quality rubber foam
  • Reusable sliders

The X-Protector furniture slides for carpets are sufficiently wide to make it easier to move and transport devices, furniture and other heavy objects. The 8 sliders are made of high quality rubber foam that is durable and long-lasting enough for many uses. The rubber foam also provides a secure hold for heavy objects. The handle won’t wear out quickly either – you can still expect the sliders to work efficiently even after many uses.

Allstar Innovations EZ Moves furniture movement system

  • Striking movement system
  • Power bar slider setup
  • Ergonomic design
  • Has a protective rubber tip

The Allstar Innovations EZ Moves furniture movement system differs significantly from typical furniture slides. Technically, this system is still designed so that heavy objects can be moved with ease. However, this system includes a power strip as well as the necessary pads. The setup works efficiently and is easy to use. You just have to mount the pads under the device or the furniture and use the power rail to lift, position and move the object. During the installation you can use the lift or ask someone for help. The best thing about this type of decor is that it can take care of many sizes, shapes, and types of furniture and appliances.

SuperSliders 4704095N Reusable XL furniture slides

  • Ideal for all types of furniture
  • Made from high quality rubber foam
  • Provides excellent grip
  • Reusable sliders

The SuperSliders 4704095N Reusable XL Heavy Furniture Sliders are ideal for all types of equipment and furniture. Regardless of whether the item is made of wood, ceramic or metal, these sliders make it easier to move these items. The slides provide a secure and reliable hold and the adhesive does not wear out quickly. The sliders also have a neat oval shape for better weight distribution.

SuperSliders 4703895N 2-in-1 furniture slides with multiple surfaces

  • Ideal for carpets and hard surfaces
  • Works on all furniture
  • Reusable sliders
  • 4-piece pack

The great thing about the SuperSliders 4703895N Multi-Surface 2-in-1 furniture sliders is that they work on both hard surfaces and carpeted floors. It’s also great for all types of furniture and appliances. It is supplied with 4 sliding pieces made of high quality rubber foam material, which offer an excellent grip. You can also leave the slider under furniture or appliances so that you can easily remodel or move plans.

No more injuries from moving heavy furniture or equipment again – get help from effective furniture sliders to easily move, slide and transport selected items from one place to another.

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