Weis, Hannaford restart grocery pickup services

Diving letter:

  • Weis Markets and Hannaford have resumed their roadside grocery pickups, which the companies stopped in March as the novel coronavirus outbreak gained momentum, the supermarket chains said on their websites. Both stores only offer the service at certain locations.
  • The chains have implemented procedures to ensure that buyers and store employees do not come into contact with one another. None of the grocers accept cash or paper coupons, and Hannaford’s website ibuilds customers to stay in their vehicles when they arrive at the store until asked to get out.
  • Both grocers note that due to high demand, some items may not be available. Weis does not allow substitutions, while Hannaford advises customers that items provided to pick up their order in lieu of items requested by a buyer upon arrival at the store will not be verified.

Dive Insight:

Weis Markets and Hannaford’s decision to resume their grocery collection is a sign that they are gradually adjusting to the growing demand for groceries that is overwhelming supermarkets across the country.

In a March 14 tweet, Weis Markets announced that it had decided to discontinue its pick-up and delivery service for Weis 2 Go at this point because it couldn’t keep up at that point, even though the company continued to allow customers to buy groceries for to order delivery via Shipt. Shipt also takes care of the delivery of Hannaford.

Due to overwhelming demand due to COVID 19 concerns, we have temporarily suspended our Weis 2 Go online ordering with roadside pickup and home delivery. However, you can still order at https://t.co/s7hF6wYcYe. We apologize for the inconvenience.

– Weis Markets (@WeisMarkets) March 14, 2020

The resumption of pick-up services could play a key role in helping grocers keep the number of customers in stores down while meeting demand as efficiently as possible. According to a survey by Brick Meets Click and ShopperKit, nearly a third of US households, or about 40 million in March, used home delivery and collection. The report, based on responses from more than 1,600 US adults, also found that if the crisis does not calm down, 30% of those currently not using online grocery services plan in the next few months. If you

Collection services naturally also reduce interaction between buyers and other customers, and Weis and Hannaford’s logs, which are used to separate buyers from store employees, also protect store employees.

Grocery stores remain open despite much of the economy stalling amid the coronavirus. Supermarkets have made efforts to make social distancing a top priority, including putting restrictions on the number of people they can allow in at the same time, installing signage and procedures to keep people from getting too close, and the erection of barriers at the cash registers and other locations to separate employees from customers.

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