Wednesday’s ETF Movers: XOP, ICLN

IIn Wednesday’s trading, the SPDR – S & P – Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF outperformed other ETFs, gaining around 3.5% that day. The components of this ETF that have particular strength include stocks of SM Energy, which are up about 12.9%, and stocks of Kosmos Energy, which are up about 9.7% on the day.

And today, the iShares Global Clean Energy ETF is inferior to other ETFs, down 3.6% in Wednesday afternoon trading. The components of this ETF with the worst performing on Wednesday included shares in Daqo New Energy Corp, which fell about 6.8% and shares of Sunrun, which fell about 6.4% on the day.

VIDEO: ETF movers on Wednesday: XOP, ICLN

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