Walmart is expanding its pickup and delivery centers

Walmart is improving its grocery pickup game.


Walmart is adding more stores in dozens of locations that also serve as local fulfillment centers for delivery and pick-up orders, the company said on Wednesday. A local fulfillment center is a small warehouse of frequently purchased items that is housed in or attached to a Walmart store.

The centers are designed to offer customers greater availability, efficiency and faster order fulfillment. For example, Walmart says it is implementing fast, automated bots to grab items in the warehouse to avoid the time an employee would spend walking around the store to fulfill an order. Don’t worry: human buyers take care of your fresh produce, meat, seafood and larger general goods from the sales floor.

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After the order has been put together, the system saves it until the pick-up time. According to Walmart, the entire process takes just a few minutes after the order is first placed. Some stores also get automatic pick-up points where customers can pull up, scan a code, receive their order, and leave. Think of drive-through foods.

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