Walmart Ditches Automated Pickup Towers For Higher Curbside Pickup: WSJ

Eat that, not that!

Walmart is getting rid of this in-store feature

At the beginning of the pandemic, getting groceries safely was a big problem for shoppers and chains – and roadside pickup was challenging and bad news for other services. The gigantic, orange automated pickup towers at over 1,500 Walmart locations were handy before the pandemic and when the lockdown orders began, but now it’s being removed from the chain. Around 300 will disappear from stores, and 1,300 have already been “hibernated” according to the Wall Street Journal. The towers are 17 feet tall and place orders online, but Walmart wants to focus on the method customers want and it’s in the parking lot, not in the store. (Related: Food shortages are expected in 2021, according to experts.) The pickup towers aren’t the only robotic machine that Walmart has gotten rid of. In 2020, the chain stopped using a robot to search the aisles for inventory, WSJ says. This was just one step Walmart took during the pandemic to reinvent the buying process. It also tested drone deliveries, driverless trucks, temperature-controlled delivery smart boxes, and more. “We have powerful resources that provide a solid foundation for writing the next chapter in Walmart history. We have made profits over the past few years that we will protect, including the value to the customers we offer and the head start.” that we’ve built in pickup services, “said Doug McMillon, President and CEO of Walmart, in a statement on the 2021 Annual Report.” We’re expanding the scope of the products and services we offer to be more relevant to more customer lives and at the same time create a more robust digital experience to improve engagement. ” Costco, for example, just got rid of a pandemic rule – limiting the amount of toilet paper you can buy. To get the latest Walmart and grocery news straight to your email inbox every day, subscribe to our newsletter!

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