VW starts dealer pickup/delivery service for needed supplies

Volkswagen AG announced on Monday that it would be providing financial support to its US dealers who want to use their rental fleet to pick up and deliver important supplies in the areas affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rental cars, which are usually offered to customers to drive while their vehicles are in a repair shop, can be used to deliver groceries to a local grocery bank, transport masks and clothes, and deliver required items to those who cannot leave prompted their home, said the automaker.

Volkswagen said its dealers would not incriminate the corporation or the person making such a request.

“Only dealership employees are allowed to drive the vehicles. Volkswagen Corporate offers dealers a daily grant per vehicle to cover fuel and leasing costs,” said the automaker.

Volkswagen’s network of more than 600 US dealerships maintains a rental fleet of nearly 7,000 vehicles, although some dealerships may be closed or may operate with reduced staff due to state and local guidelines. Volkswagen says it will use the Atlas primarily as a delivery vehicle.

“Anyone who would like to use the services of the Community Driven Atlas Initiative should contact their local dealer for information on availability and support,” concludes Volkswagen.

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