VIDEO: Attorney General Moody Shuts Down Moving Scams and Recovers Millions for Consumers Duped by Malicious Movers

Attorney General Ashley Moody press release

VIDEO: Attorney General Moody Closes Moving Scams, Recovering Millions for Consumers Cheated by Malicious Moving Companies

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – This National Consumer Protection Week, Attorney General Ashley Moody is announcing legal action to stop malicious moving companies that are falling victim to Floridians. In the past year, Attorney General Moody and her consumer protection department passed four rulings against companies that used misleading advertising or other deceptive tactics to rip off customers. The rulings resulted in more than $ 2.7 million in recoveries.
Attorney General Ashley Moody Said, “Malicious movers watch out, if you plan to take advantage of consumers who are just trying to move, my consumer protection department will find out and your fraudulent migration will stop. With spring just around the corner, many people will pack their things and move into a new home. Moving can be a tedious project and turn out to be disastrous when bad actors posing as legitimate doers or brokers try to take advantage of raising prices, taking goods hostage, or other deceptive tactics. “
Attorney General Moody’s Consumer Protection Division recently received verdicts in four lawsuits filed in federal court, each alleging that the individual companies that misleadingly advertise moving services failed to make reasonable estimates, did not hand in housewares, and did not collect or deliver goods in a timely manner according to service contracts.
By January, all four cases had been successfully negotiated, including:
Finest Movers, Inc.:: The Attorney General received a Approval final judgment against Finest Movers in January, which requires the company to repay $ 80,000 to consumers, preventing the defendant from making artificially low offers. Finest Movers has allegedly misrepresented the price or type of moving services it offers, as well as the experience or level of training of employees or moving agents.
Ocean Moving & Storage Corp.:: Last September a Approval final judgment was fined against Ocean Moving & Storage, requiring the company to repay $ 50,000 to consumers, $ 10,000 in civil penalties, and prevent it from making artificially low offers. Ocean Moving & Storage allegedly misrepresented the price or type of moving services offered and held housewares hostage or otherwise refused to return customer property.
Moving and Warehousing Accounting, Inc.:: Attorney General Moody’s office challenged two separate judgments in the case in April and May 2020 Approval final judgment Against Grace Metzger, Moving and Storage Accounting Inc. and Moving and Storage Accounting Services ordered the company’s defendants to pay $ 300,000 in consumer refunds and $ 700,000 in fines, including $ 120,000 in increased overriding fines and approximately 274,000 US dollars in fees / charges. In the second, a Standard final verdict The defendants Maxx Socher, Moving Service Accounting and Storage, Inc. and Dr. Smugglers Inc. were ordered to pay $ 300,000 in consumer refunds and $ 700,000 in fines, including $ 120,000 in increased penalties for seniors. Both judgments also prevented the defendants from owning, operating or participating in moving services.
US Moving Services, Inc.:: Eventually one is received Approval final judgment Against US Moving Services in April 2020, the company requested a refund of $ 78,000 to consumers and prohibited the provision of artificially low offers. Similar to Finest Movers, US Moving Services have allegedly misrepresented the price or type of moving services offered, as well as the experience or level of training of employees or moving agents.
To protect themselves from fraud, consumers should:

  • Read all documents carefully to understand what was agreed before signing.
  • When booking a move through a broker, request a list of previously used motor companies and research both the carriers and the broker.
  • Find several detailed, written estimates for the move and see if the estimate takes into account specific moving services.
  • Ask the moving company for proof of liability and employee compensation coverage, and call the insurer to confirm the policy is active. and
  • Research company. Ask for recommendations and contact the Better Business Bureau below for complaints.

Check out the new for more helpful tips and red flags on moving scam Fraud at a glance: on the go Brochure.
See Fraud at a glance: on the go In English, click Here.
See Fraud at a glance: on the go Click Spanish on Here.
Fraud at a Glance is Attorney General Moody’s Consumer Outreach Program, with a webpage on the Florida Attorney General’s website with information on common and emerging scams. The website also offers downloadable brochures that teach consumers how to avoid falling victim to fraud and fraud.

Click to access the Scam at a Glance webpage for more content on common scams


Attorney General Moody is working hard to educate Floridians about new and upcoming fraud cases, not just through the Fraud At A Glance program, but also through the Consumer Alert program. Fraud at a Glance is another fraud prevention tool that can be used to aid consumer alerts and increase consumer awareness of common fraud tactics.

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Anyone experiencing movable fraud should apply to the Attorney General’s office while on a visit or call 1 (866) 9NO-SCAM.

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