USPS awards next-gen delivery vehicle contract to Oshkosh Defense

According to many indications, the rapid growth of e-commerce and the resulting need for last mile home delivery services accelerated by COVID-19 is likely to become the “new normal”. In fact, the local delivery business is one of the trucking segments that actually got a boost during the pandemic.

Undoubtedly, changes in buying practices have increased demand from local online retailers for local delivery services, noted Kyle Chapman, vice president and COO of ASAP Movers. “Home delivery for online retailers is exactly what we are perfectly prepared for,” he said. “Our fleet, our operations and our employees are geared towards this type of service.”

ASAP Movers is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California and operates approximately 15 trucks. The core business – local and long-distance removals for private households and commercial removals – is now supplemented by home deliveries. Online retailers deliver goods to the company in truckloads, and ASAP Movers handles last mile deliveries, Chapman explained. The fleet currently operates between two and six of these routes every day. Approximately 70% of the trucks return home every night, while a third of the fleet operates long distance routes across the lower 48 states, including trips to the east coast several times a month.

“Home delivery is the fastest growing segment of our business,” said Chapman online retailer. The same investment in our fleet and professional staff enables us to safely, efficiently and productively handle and deliver a wide variety of household and office items. “

The ASAP Movers fleet includes Hino 338 Class 7 conventions from 2018 to 2020 weighing 33,000 pounds. GVWR and equipped with the manufacturer’s 8-liter, 260 hp. JO8E VB diesel engine. The fleet also includes several Hino 195h Hybrid Cabovers. “We achieved good results with the class 5 diesel-electric units,” reports Chapman. “They were an integral part of our efforts to become more efficient and greener.

“We decided to replace our fleet with all Hino models after reading reviews of the trucks and because we have a good relationship with our local dealer, Hino of Santa Maria,” Chapman continued. “They not only recommend manufacturers of car bodies and tailgates, but also take on all of our maintenance and warranty work.

“When we break down,” added Chapman, “we also use the HinoWatch program to find an authorized service location nearby. Hino’s INSIGHT Case Management program allows our dealer to coordinate the service process and receive progress updates. Otherwise it can be a challenge. “

Other standard functions of Hino models, with which ASAP movers can work more efficiently, are the integrated INSIGHT telematics and the INSIGHT remote diagnosis for error code warnings. All of this fleet information is built into the company’s Samsara fleet management, driver safety and compliance solution. The fleet uses the vehicle tracking, fault code monitoring platform and its electronic logging device to track and manage the hours of operation and the driver’s service status.

“With real-time diagnostics on all of our trucks, we can manage routine maintenance more effectively,” said Chapman. “At the same time, having data on fuel efficiency and safety is very valuable as we can easily resolve overspeeding and hard braking problems. We also have a driver scorecard that we use as part of an incentive program to promote safe driving practices. “

ASAP Movers is proud of its staff of full-time, experienced professionals. “We make sure everyone meets our high standards of service,” said Chapman. “Our crews work together every day, so they are extremely efficient and well organized, and all of our supervisors have years of experience in this area. Our trucks are reliable, clean, organized and equipped with all the tools necessary for safe and efficient delivery.

“Whether delivery is on-site or in a few states, ASAP Movers knows how important it is to our customers,” added Chapman. “As a smaller company, we can focus our attention on communication and customer satisfaction and take all necessary steps to ensure that goods are properly protected and transported.”

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