UB’s GRoW Home moving to North Campus as university expands climate neutrality effort

A solar power house built by students at Buffalo University is being reassembled on the school’s north campus as part of UB’s broader renewable energy plan.

Michael Mroziak from WBFO reports.

The GRoW (Garden, Relax, or Work) home was originally built by UB students to compete in a 2015 California national competition. The house, designed as a single residence, took second place overall in this competition.

It was later exhibited on UB’s south campus, but recently dismantled for the purpose of transporting it to the north campus. Crews could be seen on Tuesday morning working on establishing the new permanent location of the house on Flint Road near the Center for Tomorrow.

“It is being transformed from a single residence concept to a clean energy center where faculty, staff and community come together to really learn how to move forward and build this world of clean energy we so desperately need.” said Ryan McPherson, UB’s chief sustainability officer.

The house, which sits next to the university’s existing solar string, will be just one component of UB’s broader renewable energy plan. By 2030, said McPherson, the university is aiming for complete climate neutrality. This also includes an expansion of the existing solar module network with currently 750 kilowatts.

“The Clean Energy Center and our current work across campus to increase the amount of renewable energy we have here on campus is one of our top priorities,” he said. “We have about 13-14 megawatts of new clean energy that will flow into the north campus next year, which will be located on the north campus, and the Clean Energy Center, the GRoW center, will be a large part of that.” Well.”

The completion of the reconstruction of the GRoW house is expected for the end of this year.

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