Uber announces new food pickup options

Uber has announced that it will add a Pickup and Go feature to its app that integrates the Uber Eats and Ride-Hail facets of its business. This feature enables passengers to order and collect meals and groceries on the way to their destination.

The platform also allows users to pre-order when a store or restaurant is closed and create multiple orders from different stores and restaurants at the same time.

Starting in June, users in select cities in Canada, the United States, and some other countries will be able to combine grocery and grocery orders at no extra charge. The food side of this feature is initially only available in convenience stores that are near the restaurant from which the order is placed.

The integration between Uber’s Ride Hail app and the grocery delivery arm is coming as more consumers can travel and eat in comfort outside the home.

“During the pandemic, we worked with more than 1 million vendors to move more than 1.5 billion meal and grocery orders,” said CEO Dara Khosrowshahi.

“We only recommend merchants who are able to place an order that won’t delay your overall order,” added Lorraine Ho, Head of Delivery Product.

When asked if Uber Delivery plans to bundle groceries with a restaurant order in the future, Ho said, “In general, we are trying to make the ecosystem more efficient. I think we are excited to see the possibilities as we learn more about serving food. But so far nothing. “

From May, Eats Pass members will receive discounts on journeys with a 10 percent discount on three journeys per month. Uber will also ask users booking rides from airports if they want groceries or groceries to be delivered to their destination via Uber Eats. While pre-order was an existing option, the prompts are new.

These new features follow Uber Eats’ launch of the Merchant Stories feature earlier this month to help merchants connect with in-app customers. Operators can integrate their Instagram accounts with Uber Eats and upload images and text to inform users about promotions, menu changes or new services. Thirteen percent of users who clicked through a restaurant’s stories placed an order in the same session, early tests showed.

At a time when the merits and ethics of third-party delivery services continue to be debated, the services are beginning to respond.

Earlier this week, DoorDash unveiled a three-tier commission pricing structure that allows local restaurants to make more choices about the fees they pay.

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