Today’s Biggest Pre-Market Stock Movers: 10 Top Gainers and Losers on Tuesday Morning

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Good morning and ready for the stock market today! If you want to be ready for the market when it opens today, make sure you know the biggest pre-market stock movers this morning.

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Fortunately, InvestorPlace is here to help by covering the top 10 movers in terms of profits and losses. Before you dive into today’s pre-market movers, however, don’t forget to check out Yesterday’s Greatest Stories at this link.

Pre-Market Movers: Top 10 Winners

  1. Brooklyn ImmunoTherapeutics (NYSEAMERICAN:BTX) Stock is up 57% higher this morning due to a lack of news.
  2. Weidai (NYSE:WEI) is also posting gains with no news as stocks gain more than 9% in pre-market trading.
  3. AeroCentury (NYSEAMERICAN:ACY) The stock is rising on last week’s bankruptcy news. It was also among the top stocks ahead of the IPO yesterday.
  4. Elite Education Group International (NASDAQ:EEIQ) Stocks are up more than 22% after no obvious news today.
  5. Real estate solutions (NASDAQ:PSAC) increases by more than 13% despite a lack of news.
  6. First high school education group (NYSE:FHS) increased by more than 12% following the publication of the Q4 earnings report on Monday after close of business.
  7. Cara Therapeutics (NASDAQ:PATH) increases by 11% after joining the S&P SmallCap 600 Index.
  8. Vascular biogenetics (NASDAQ:VBLT) is also among those companies with no obvious news today, as stocks are up more than 11%.
  9. yellow (NASDAQ:SCREAM) is up over 9% as it continues the positive movement of the past few days.
  10. Antelope Enterprise (NASDAQ:AEHL) Share is up over 8%.

10 top losers

  1. AgEagle antenna systems (NYSEAMERICAN:UAVS) Stock has fallen more than 11% in pre-market trading with no clear news.
  2. Zomedica (NYSEAMERICAN:ZOM) Stocks are down over 7% this morning.
  3. Xcel Brands (NASDAQ:XELB) The stock pulls back more than 7% on Monday after strong growth.
  4. Amicus Therapeutics (NASDAQ:WRINKLES) The share has also fallen by more than 7%.
  5. Ultra Clean Holdings (NASDAQ:UCTT) Stocks fall more than 6% after announcing a public offering of shares outside of business hours yesterday.
  6. Chembio Diagnostics (NASDAQ:CEMI) Stock falls roughly 6% after posting strong gains yesterday.
  7. Medley management (NYSE:MDLY) Stocks fall more than 5% in the absence of any obvious news.
  8. International general insurance (NASDAQ:IGIC) After a wild day of trading on Monday, the stock fell by around 5% in pre-market trading today.
  9. Nuvve Holding (NASDAQ:NVVE) The stock fell about 5% this morning.
  10. India capital of globalization (NYSEAMERICAN:Intergovernmental Conference) closes the list of pre-market losers with stocks falling 5% with no news.

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