Tips from Macho Movers, a 2021 ThreeBestRated® award-winning moving company, on how to move with pets

Moving around is undeniably stressful. And when you have to move around with your pets, things get messy. Fortunately, there are many moving companies out there that help people move around with their pets with ease. A few valuable tips from such a mover will help many customers planning a move. We took advice on moving pets from Macho Movers Inc., an award-winning ThreeBestRated® 2021 Guelph moving company.

“Moving around with pets can be hectic at times. Here at Macho, we’re a bunch of animal lovers. As much as we love meeting your pets, we have a few tips to help make your move easier for you and your pets. “Says Brad Veldman, CEO of Macho Movers.

Our animals can be tied to our homes just as much as we are, so it can often be a bit scared when everything is taken in and out of homes. To avoid this, Brad recommends that a friend or family member monitor her for you while you move. After unloading all packages, move your pets to their new place. This will help them adjust to the new house without so much chaos around them.

“If your animal is a hamster, a reptile or something else in a cage / aquarium, we of course recommend that you move it to your new location ahead of time,” says Brad.

About Macho Movers Inc. – Guelph

Bradley Veldman started Macho Movers in 2016 with the aim of providing safe, reliable, and affordable premium moving solutions to the community. Five years after Macho Movers Inc. was founded, the company has grown into a company that employs 30 people and has six moving trucks. “We have started to offer indoor and outdoor storage units as well. We continue to provide high quality and affordable services to move all of your household items safely and quickly and to make moving to a new home or business easier. “Says Brad.

At a time when there are lots of moving companies out there, Macho Movers stands out from the crowd. Brad says, “What sets us apart is our ability to do any job, big or small, with a great attitude, and challenge ourselves every day to continuously expand our knowledge and skills. We recognize that no matter how much experience you have, there is always a chance to learn more and there is always room for improvement. “

The Macho Movers have the right heavy duty lifting equipment required to move almost any size or type of affiliation. Brad says, “Our numerous trucks and excellent crew allow us to handle all types of jobs at a very competitive price. There really isn’t a job that we have to turn away, and we’re always happy to take on new challenges! “

They have received the prestigious ThreeBestRated® Award 2021 and several other awards. When Brad won the ThreeBestRated Award, he said, “We are honored to be on the Top Three Listed. Over the years we’ve worked very hard day and night to build a company that isn’t just proud of us, but that customers can truly rely on. To be recognized in the community as one of the top rated moving companies in our area is surreal. “

At Macho Movers they pride themselves on working together as a team and providing the best service to their clients no matter what the job involves. Macho Movers can not only help you move your items, they can also provide services for packing, moving specialty items (such as hot tubs, wings, etc.), as well as delivering, removing and cleaning trash. Visit their website –

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