This company has made moving in Philly a whole lot easier

Moving day … the dreaded day that nobody wants to face. Choosing a new place to live can be exciting, but flying down the freeway with a couch attached to your tiny sedan will just make you think about how much movement sucks – and how there must be a better way to go.

There is. Meet Dolly, a company that instantly connects you with local truck owners (so-called “helpers”) who are ready to assist you with any moving, delivery and transportation needs.

The gig economy has changed the way people commute, live, eat – and now move. Dolly provides on-demand assistance when needed and provides an easy, inexpensive and secure way to move your data. All you need to do is provide some basic information about your move using the Dolly app. You will receive a guaranteed offer in advance within seconds. Dolly Helpers are ready to help with anything from moving into the apartment to delivering furniture to the store, to pickups and fundraisers on Craigslist. The best part? Customers can always choose the time for a dolly helper to arrive, which means you can say goodbye to 4-hour delivery windows! A full list of services can be found here.

Make moves in Philly

Dolly was launched in Philadelphia in November and has been growing rapidly ever since. Helpers have moved everything from boxes to box springs to wood for packing and playing. Dolly Helpers even offer services just for those who just need help with heavy lifting.

“We are very excited to be making trucks and muscles available to the city and beyond. With a growing population of people less reliant on cars, we know Dolly is a perfect match for Philadelphia, ”said Mike Howell, CEO of Dolly. The company is also in the process of establishing several partnerships with furniture retailers in the region.

Truck and muscle whenever you need it

Whether you don’t have a car or just don’t want to bother with renting a truck, Dolly is here to help. Visit or download the app for an instant quote and get the help you need when you need it.

Dolly is offering all PhillyVoice readers $ 10 with the promo code PHILLYVOICE. The offer is only available to first-time Dolly users and will expire on April 30, 2018.

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