They’ve Collected 20 Million Pounds of Food From People Who are Moving—For Delivery to Food Banks

Adam Lowy, Movement for Hunger

A New Jersey moving company has launched an initiative that uses the amount of food left in customer fridges to improve supplies to local food banks.

Over 1,050 moving companies and 22 million pounds of groceries later, and Adam Lowy – founder of Move for Hunger – has turned leftovers into corporate-level charities.

“When people move, they throw away a whole bunch of things: food, clothes, furniture, what you call it,” Lowy said TODAY. “And what bothered us was the perfectly good, non-perishable food that was left in the pantry or just thrown in the trash.”

This is true. When you’re trying to get all those little bits and pieces, pots and pans out of your kitchen into a box and come back out a few hours later, the last thing to think about is packing 6-month-old canned peas and dried spaghetti.

“Moving is stressful, you know? It’s not a fun experience, it’s busy, ”said Lowy. “And we first asked a very simple question: ‘Would you like to donate your food when you move?'”

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That question, first asked in 2009, led to the creation of Move for Hunger, which links moving companies with grocery banks in their area, and these pairings with home offices, corporate apartments, moving companies, real estate agents, and other businesses reach out to as many renters and homeowners as possible via the impact they can make by donating their food before they change their address.

As soon as one of these partners finds out that someone is about to move, Move for Hunger offers a local hunger guide, a large plastic bag and box – all to help people donate food they don’t want to bring with them.

Then a local moving company takes those packaged pantry staples to a local grocery bank to make sure nothing is wasted.

Move for Hunger operates in the US and Canada these days and seeks to hold special events such as: B. Food drives and vacation-themed collections.

Your February 2021 Spread the Love Event? 16,000 meals were donated on 300 different food drives and 20,000 pounds of peanut butter and jelly were used.

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One in six American children is starving, and it only got worse during the pandemic as government-mandated business closings ravaged the economy, destroyed jobs and disrupted supply chains.

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In the first month of Lowy’s idea, he managed to collect 300 pounds of groceries, and he asked, “If a moving company could have that kind of impact on their local community,
What could a whole network of moving companies do? “

These are the types of questions and ideas that can turn one out of six to zero to six.

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