The Weirdest Things Movers Have Ever Wrapped and Carted

OCCASIONALLYProfessional moving companies have alarming (or just weird) packaging requests as they prepare to move their customers’ belongings from point A to point B. “We encounter strange things at unexpected times,” said Lior Rachmany, CEO of Dumbo in New York City Moving + Storage. “Once we entered an apparently normal household [to find] a pet python. You never know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. “We asked moving companies from Omaha to New Orleans about the strangest items they should ever be hauling. Warning: you cannot leave this unread.

“An elderly lady who had died collected porcelain dolls and animal feasts in jars. She was a biologist or something. It was very scary. “- Lior Rachmany, Dumbo Moving, New York

“I packed full closets with sex toys. You think this is something they would pack on their own! “- Tim Ford, Einstein Relocation, Austin, Texas

“For a horror film Fan, we transported a collection of Chucky dolls and Pennywise dolls – from the movie “It”. We didn’t expect any of the Chucky dolls to be automated. Suddenly it moved towards us. The guy I worked with yelled like someone else [voice-activated] A doll with a knife came up to us. “- Mr. Rachmany

“We’ve moved Family who thought they were vampires. The guy was driving a hearse. We had to move a coffin – it was empty, but supposedly he slept in it sometimes. – Nicholas Brasset, Abba Movers, New Orleans, La.

“I recently moved a house full of taxidermized safari animals. Worse than the lion … the baboon with its mouth open and teeth outstretched. You have to touch and carry the baboon. Anyone who is soft on animals would have been affected. “- Jesse Gartman, Sherpa Relocation, Oklahoma City, Okla.

“We’ve moved A whole garage full of 30 or 40 year old gutters in the Tampa area. They were folded and bent – no value at all to them. – Jason King, King’s Moving, Omaha, Neb.

“Towards the End of a train, [the customer said] “Hey, I have that chicken coop in the back; we can just leave the chickens in. ‘We expressed our concern, then lined the whole cage with hay and loaded it. – Matthew Sims, The Other Side Movers, Denver


What was the strangest thing you had to move? Join the following conversation.

“Once that The husband of a very nice couple opened the garage and we saw a collection of wooden Jesus figures from the 16th and 17th centuries. The facial expressions were very haunting. Of course it was something of value to the person; so we had to pack it carefully [and] Get close but that left me with nightmares. ” -Mr. Rachmany

“Twice I saw antique phone booths recently, probably 50 years old and 250 pounds and 7 feet tall. One of them had to go up a flight of stairs; We had to secure the phone there so it wouldn’t twirl on the cord. We wrapped the devil out of the cabin ourselves and shrunk it. ” -Mr. Gartman

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