The Virus Diaries: Moving gets complicated during a pandemic

Editor’s Note: The Virus Diaries is a series in which Mainers talks about how they have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Cris Young, left, and Lisa Kleinhandler with their dog Doogie. The couple moved to a new home on April 1 but are unable to get their possessions from a storage unit in Ohio because of the pandemic. Photo courtesy of Cris Young

Cris Young and wife Lisa Kleinhandler moved to Maine from Youngstown, Ohio in December to find their forever home.

“We definitely moved back to the east coast,” said Young. “I’m from Boston, she’s from Long Island, New York, and we settled in this area in southeast Maine because it’s only 90 minutes from Boston, where our son and daughter are.”

Knowing the search could take time, they rented a furnished place in Wells for the winter and stored their belongings in Youngstown. Plans were progressing well and a house in the Berwicks was chosen as the coronavirus outbreak accelerated.

“We had all made our arrangements and the crews were ready to load and unload from Ohio to here,” said Young, 58. “And then Ohio closed and then Maine.”

“We can’t get our things. Nobody will come out to move my things. … We can’t just move it ourselves because it’s a whole furniture store there and I definitely need a crew of men to move it for me. “

On April 1st, Young and small traders began to move to their current home. Trying to find furniture and housewares, they know that everything they really need is in rented storage space.

“We went to Amazon, bought a mattress in a box, and went to the Rent-a-Center to get a living room. And even the Rent-a-Center – and god bless them, they are open and allow us to have furniture – but they only bring the furniture to the porch. You just don’t think about these things. We are spoiled like humans. And that is a difficult situation for all of us.

“There are so many people who are going through so much worse than me, but maybe they can laugh at my situation. Look, I’m in a great place. I’m where we want to be, at home in New England. I feel blessed and happy.

“We are expecting our first grandchild this summer. We love this area and most of all, we’d like to say, we are the man who stocks the shelves or the man who waits for you at the restaurant to take away, the firefighters and health care workers, everyone who does what they do very grateful. I do it. And the people who stay here. We value those who do what they have to do. “

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