The Best Furniture Sliders to Protect Your Floors When Moving Furniture


Whether you’re rearranging furniture to get better flow in your home or moving house, lifting large couches, cabinets, and chests is hard work. Without the help of moving companies, these tasks can be not only painful the next day, but also dangerous. Additionally, if simply dragged across the floor, furniture legs can scratch beautiful hardwood or tile floors or tear delicate carpets.

To reduce the risk of injury and to protect your floors, furniture can slide over hard floors and carpets with the best of furniture slides. Often they are reusable and can be kept for later use or left under furniture legs. This guide explains key features to consider when buying furniture slides and reviews our selection of some of the best furniture slides on the market for protecting floors.

  1. BEST OVERALL: CO-Z furniture slide for carpet, furniture manufacturer
  2. RUNNER UP: X-PROTECTOR felt furniture sliders hardwood floors
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Supersliders Assorted size and shape value package
  4. BEST FOR HEAVY FURNITURE: X-PROTECTOR furniture slide for carpets
  5. FOR LARGE FURNITURE LEGS: Super Sliders 9 1/2 “x 5 3/4” reusable XL sliders
  6. MOST VERSATILE: FLERISE Moving Kit for carpets and hard floors
  7. BEST FOR HARDWOOD: Super Sliders Reusable Furniture Sliders

The best options for furniture slides


Features To Look For When Choosing The Best Furniture Pullers

Furniture slides come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Some other important characteristics are the type of floor the sliders will be used on, the material, size and shape of the slider, and whether the sliders are reusable. Read on to find out more.


Two types of furniture slides are designed specifically for moving or moving furniture: hardwood slides and carpet slides.

  • Hardwood slider are designed so that furniture can be moved over wooden floors. These sliders are usually made of a soft, easily slidable material, such as felt, that sticks to or wraps around the underside of furniture legs. They are also suitable for flooring materials such as tiles and linoleum.
  • Carpet pusher Put furniture on the carpet. These sliders are usually made of smooth plastic or metal that can slide over a rug or rug.


The sliding material is determined by the soil on which it is used. Plastic sliders – or metal sliders that look like drawer slides – are ideal for moving furniture across a carpet or ceiling. The smooth surface also slides under the weight of a heavy sofa or wardrobe. Soft materials like foam or dense felt are used to construct hardwood sliders that cushion furniture legs and protect hard floors.

Choose the sliding material that is appropriate for the type of floor you are moving furniture over. For example, plastic sliders can scratch a hardwood floor. Using felt sliders on carpets makes it difficult, if not impossible, to move the piece of furniture.

Size and shape

Next, consider the size and shape of the furniture slides. Before shopping, measure the legs of the furniture to be moved. It is usually much easier to move furniture when the sliders are slightly larger than the legs because the weight of the item is more evenly distributed.

The shape of the slider is also important. While a table can have narrow square legs, a couch can have wide oval legs. Users may need long rectangular sliders for the couch and small circular sliders for the table.


Furniture slides and floor protection are different. The main difference between these two products is their ability to be reused. While furniture slides can be used multiple times, floor protectors with a strong adhesive adhere to the bottoms of furniture legs and are not intended to be removed.

Our top picks

Reorganizing a room or moving into a new home is exciting, but moving furniture is not fun and can even be dangerous. With the above features in mind, these are some of the best furniture slides currently available in different floor protection categories.

The best options for furniture slides: CO-Z furniture slides for carpets, furniture manufacturers


Avoid back pain and protect the carpet with these 3½-inch furniture slides from CO-Z. This pack contains eight durable plastic sliders, but they are also available in a pack of 16 sliders. Each pusher can hold up to 110 pounds. So with a slider under each leg of a heavy piece, you can move up to 440 pounds over hard surfaces or carpeting. The top layer of EVA foam on each slider grips the furniture leg and prevents it from loosening during use.

The lower layer is made of plastic and ensures that the sliders slide over a carpet. Users can permanently place them under furniture to make cleaning and moving around a breeze. Since the top layer is made of soft foam instead of glue, they can be reused.

The best options for furniture sliders: X-PROTECTOR felt furniture sliders hardwood floors


Protect both your back and your wooden floors with the robust furniture slides from X-PROTECTOR. Round in shape, 3½ inches in diameter, they distribute weight evenly, and are ideal for furniture legs of all sizes.

The sliders are available in packs of 16 and are made of felt and rubber foam to protect wooden floors and make it easier for furniture to slide across the floor. Even without glue, these sliders have a strong grip and can be reused.

The best options for furniture sliders: Super Sliders sorted by size and shape


This affordable selection of furniture sliders from Super Sliders includes three unique slider shapes, six different slider sizes and floor protectors. For carpets, this 52-piece set contains four 5-inch circular sliders, four 5-inch square sliders, four 3½-inch circular sliders, and four 2½-by-9-inch rectangular sliders. For wooden floors, the package contains four 3½-inch round sliders and 32 1-inch round floor protectors. The sliders can also be used to move furniture over tiles and linoleum.

The package also contains 32 self-adhesive floor protectors.

The best options for furniture slides: X-PROTECTOR furniture slides for carpets


Whether it’s a sofa, a heavy kitchen table, or a large cupboard, some furniture is too heavy to slide easily across the carpet. Moving these heavy items can be cumbersome and even dangerous without the help of professional removals. These eight X-PROTECTOR sliders have been specially developed for use with heavy furniture. They consist of hard-wearing plastic on the underside and non-slip rubber foam on the top and hold furniture legs securely.

Measuring 4 “in diameter and 3/4” thick, these round sliders will fit under almost any large object. The smooth plastic is ideal for moving objects on carpets. These sliders can be reused without glue.

Best Furniture Slider Options: Super Sliders XL Reusable Sliders


With massive furniture, the legs are sometimes thick to the floor. Traditional sliders are too small to fit under these legs and move objects across the carpet. These carpet-specific furniture sliders from Super Sliders can solve this problem. They are 9½ inches long and 5¾ inches wide to create a rounded rectangle shape.

They are equipped with a base made of durable plastic and can withstand the weight of oversized and heavy pieces of furniture, making them easier to handle. The thick foam on top holds the furniture legs in place with no glue so buyers can use them again.

They are available in a pack of four or eight pieces and are available in black, brown, gray and linen.

The best option for furniture sliders: FLERISE Moving Kit for carpets and hard floors


Most homes contain a variety of floor types, from tile to hardwood to carpet. This 16-piece furniture removal kit from FLERISE contains eight sliders for carpets and eight sliders for hard floors, including wood, ceramic tile and linoleum. The kit also provides a convenient storage tube to stow the sliders and reduce the chance of misplacement.

The round carpet sliders have a durable plastic base and are 3.74 inches in diameter to help evenly distribute the weight. The top layer is a grip foam that does not require glue, so these sliders can be reused.

The best options for furniture slides: Super Sliders Reusable furniture slides


Hardwood floors are stunning, and it’s painful to hear furniture scratching over them as you move, clean, or relocate. With this hardwood specific pack of four sliders from Super Sliders, move furniture across hardwood floors without fear of destroying the beautiful wood. Measuring 3½ inches in diameter, they are made of felt that glides effortlessly over hardwood.

Leave the sliders in place for easy cleaning or remove them to use again. They are available in four colors.

FAQs on furniture slides

To get the most out of moving or rearranging furniture, you will likely want to save energy anywhere, including buying furniture slides to slide large or heavy objects around the house and protect yourself and your floors. However, you may have questions before making this purchase. These are some of the most frequently asked questions about furniture slides and their corresponding answers.

Question: How much weight can furniture slides carry?

The amount of weight they can hold will depend on the specific cabinet pullers. So check the product specifications. A typical slider, however, will hold around 110 pounds.

Q. Are furniture slides reusable?

Many furniture slides are reusable because they do not contain glue. If you’re looking to reuse furniture slides, don’t accidentally buy floor protection that contains adhesive and cannot be removed and reused.

Question: Are furniture slides supplied with built-in glue?

Most furniture slides come without glue or glue, so they can be reused.

Question: What are the best furniture slides for carpets?

Sliders with a hard-wearing plastic base slide very easily over the carpet. These Super Sliders furniture slides or CO-Z furniture slides are good for carpets.

Question: What is the difference between slide controls and furniture protection upholstery?

Both furniture sliders and furniture protection upholstery should protect the furniture legs from damage to the floor. Furniture slides are specially designed for sliding objects across floors while moving, rearranging or cleaning. They have no glue or glue and can be reused. Furniture protection cushions, also called “floor protection”, are attached to the furniture legs with adhesive and cannot be reused.

Q. Do sliders need cleaning?

You may not need to clean the furniture slides. However, to reduce the risk of scratches on the floor getting scratched or stuck to the floor, wipe off plastic sliders or remove dirt from felt sliders before use.

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