The 7 Best Plant Delivery Services of 2020

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The 7 best plant delivery services

Eco-friendliness is difficult to ensure when you buy cut flowers online. However, it can be easier when you buy plants. This is especially the case if you choose plant delivery services that pride themselves on only selling plants that are sustainably sourced and organically grown. Of course, no delivery service can be perfectly environmentally friendly: fossil fuels are almost always used in transportation, and many facilities require special cooling, heating or spraying systems during transportation. In addition, plants going to the garden should be carefully selected to avoid the introduction of exotic or invasive species.

Below we’ve rounded up the best equipment delivery services, each of which would be an environmentally friendly choice.

Bottom line

We’ve researched each recommendation carefully to ensure that it offers what Treehugger readers will appreciate most. While there is no plant service dedicated solely to green and sustainable options, the services we offer are all about finding sustainably grown crops and promoting the benefits of a greener environment for all. The best option for you will depend on your budget, what types of plants you want to add to your home and how important it is for you to be environmentally friendly.

How are plants delivered?

Delivery depends on your location and the type of equipment you have ordered. Sometimes they are sent by post or via a delivery service such as UPS or FedEx. in other cases they are delivered by bike courier or even by hand.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Live Plants In Your Home?

Studies actually show that indoor plants have real emotional and physical benefits, especially in urban settings. Plants can create a feeling of calm and at the same time filter the air. In addition, decorating with living houseplants strengthens the energy of a certain element of Feng Shui: wood.

Can live plants be sent?

Yes, plants can and often are sent. However, it’s important to properly package plants so they can survive and thrive.

What is a sustainable, environmentally friendly plant delivery service?

There is no official definition of a sustainable or environmentally friendly plant delivery service. In general, however, you should consider the following: crops that come from local farms or from sources that maintain sustainable farming practices; those that are delivered in sustainable containers made of materials such as ceramic, cardboard, glass or wood; Delivery services that give back to the environment through philanthropic gifts, tree planting, or other means; and delivery options by bike, on foot, or otherwise that do not use fossil fuels.

How we select the best plant delivery services

We were looking for plant delivery services that did more than just package and ship flowers or plants to customers. Our focus was on sustainability, environmental awareness, customer service and understanding the importance of plants for the built and natural world. We also wanted to highlight some of the more innovative plant delivery services that cater to the needs of people looking for unique greenery.

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