The 6 emotional stages of moving house

In addition to losing your job, a death in the family or a major separation, moving is associated with some of the most stressful events in life.

Sure, you might be excited about the idea of ​​having a brand new space to put your own creative stamp on, but the process of actually filling out a little mountain of forms, packing up everything you own, and inevitably doing so Breaking something valuable is never fun.

If you’re planning on moving out soon, here are some emotional phases to mentally prepare for …

1. Excitement

You have made the crucial decision to move, found the perfect property within your budget and now you can’t wait for a fresh start.

You’ve turned into Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen practically overnight, and you’ve already done serious damage to your credit card by choosing cute furniture, prints, and carpets. Is it normal to spend all of your free time posting inspiration on your Pinterest board? Yes, you are excitedly obsessed.

2. Fear

Now that you’ve actually committed yourself to moving, you’re getting serious cold feet.

All the administrative costs pile up disgustingly and you fear that your new place will not feel right at home. It’s a new neighborhood to meet and you feel completely overwhelmed. What if this was all a huge mistake that you will regret forever?

3. Stress

The only thing worse than fear is the stress of physically packing everything you have. Seriously, how can a person accumulate so much stuff?

You feel really organized at first, pack and pack everything neatly in cardboard boxes, but then find that you are running out of time drastically and you have to manually move random items into faulty trash bags.

You know you should probably just pull out a Marie Kondo and get rid of most of it, but on a moving day, you feel strangely attached to the most random things, like old movie tickets, annoying nick nacks, and expired beauty products. This is not the zen eviction you were hoping for.

4. Anger

Inevitably, something vital gets packed too early – like the car key or an important shape – resulting in 20 minutes of ugly sobs and a wasted hour through all of your boxes. You’re trying to stay cool, but you can’t help but scream out some angry explosives. This move is cursed.

5. Sadness

Sure, the windows were a bit seedy, the faucets were leaking and you absolutely hated the noisy neighbors, but you can’t help but feel a sudden nod of nostalgia for your old place.

Seeing the house empty for the last time feels oddly heartbreaking – you’ve had so many great memories here, but you also know it’s time to hit the buttons and move on.

6. Relief

There is nothing more satisfying than falling on the mattress after carrying an entire house of furniture up several flights of stairs.

Sure, you sit on lounge chairs until the new sofa arrives and have takeaway meals while the kitchen is upgraded and you have absolutely no idea where you packed something, but you couldn’t be happier. Bring the housewarming drinks.

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