The 5 Best Grocery Delivery Services

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Shopping for groceries online has been booming since the coronavirus pandemic hit the US earlier this year. In May, Supermarket News, an industry publication, predicted that consumer demand would increase sales by 40% in 2020.

That’s a lot of growth in a hurry. Some services faced the challenge better than others.

At the beginning of the pandemic, many customers who wanted to book an order often couldn’t find any available delivery spots. Now the experience is improving as more shoppers are hired, apps are upgraded, inventory levels in stores increase, and customers who have learned how to manage the services, says Money, which recently ranked grocery delivery service.

Best online grocery shopping and delivery services

Money highlights a handful as the best, and indicates that even some of them are still getting complaints.

In the publication, the following five companies were identified as best suited for:

Better ways to save on rising food costs

Online grocery shopping shines for convenience and safety during a pandemic. In general, however, you pay a price for the service – for example, delivery fees, tips, or other add-ons.

According to Money’s report:

“If delivery fees, surcharges and tips are included, online grocery shoppers could easily pay 20% to 30% more.”

Are there any cheaper options that are still pandemic safe? Here are several ways to keep food prices down:

  • Order online and collect your order. You may be able to skip the shipping cost by ordering online and picking up your groceries at stores that offer the service. Start your search with “11 Grocery Stores With Free Pickup”. Experiment with different local pickup options to find the most affordable.
  • Find a cheaper grocer. One grocery store stands out in a recent review of prices in three lower-cost chains, as we report in “This Grocery Store Is Cheaper Than Even Walmart”.
  • Use your own “middleman”. When you shop yourself, all of the “middleman” costs associated with brokerage and pick-up services are reduced, but security is superior to anything else. If you are at higher risk for the coronavirus, e.g. Due to age or underlying conditions, check to see if friends or family members are shopping for you when they go to the store.
  • Shop smarter. If you can safely shop for yourself, follow these “13 Unusual But Effective Ways To Save On Groceries”. And save money by learning the “20 things you should never buy from the grocery store”.

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