Tamale Technical University appeals to students to return furniture to lecture rooms

Vice Chancellor (VC) of the TaTU, Professor (Prof) Abass Braimah

Tamale Technical University (TaTU) authorities have asked students who have brought furniture in the university’s lecture halls to their homes in neighboring communities to return it.

According to the university authorities, the university would be forced to carry out a so-called “company search and rescue of furniture” in the neighboring municipalities of the university if those involved in the law did not return the furniture.

The appeal is in response to the recent release of inadequate furniture in university lecture halls, which has impacted effective teaching and learning at the university.


At the third enrollment ceremony of the University of Tamale on Saturday, March 20, 2021, the Vice Chancellor (VC) of the TaTU, Professor (Prof) Abass Braimah, complained about the removal of furniture from lecture halls by some students in their private homes in the neighboring communities, which describe the law as sabotaging the efforts of university management to make the university a leading institution in Ghana and worldwide.

He therefore appealed to the students to impress their friends to return the furniture in their apartments to the lecture halls before the university authorities start carrying out the “Operation Search and Rescue a Furniture” in the neighboring communities.


TaTU is surrounded by communities such as Kplasi, Wurushie and Sagnarigu, and the road connecting the communities runs through the university. Aside from the fact that the university is not fenced, it also lacks proper security systems to screen those using the connecting road that runs through the university to nearby communities.

In his enrollment address, Prof. Braimah announced that the university authorities have started to procure some furniture to complement the existing ones and to ensure that teaching and learning is carried out in the most favorable environment possible.

He said the university had provided desks and chairs to set up offices for faculty deans and directors in order to create the necessary environment for the effective coordination of the activities of its various faculties and centers.

Prof. Braimah also used the opportunity to address all those involved, especially the alumni, to show interest in the events of the university and to initiate development projects that would support the university’s overall strategic plan.

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