Student run startup wants to “Uber-ize” delivery, personal moving service | Local News

A student-run company plans to expand its pickup delivery service across Michigan.

Herculeze Technologies Inc. was founded two years ago by Connor Darrow, an Oakland University student, and, as its founder describes it, is like Uber but for things. The idea for the Rochester-based company came while Darrow was helping a relative move large items during a property sale.

“Real estate sales companies have told us that many customers lack the right vehicle and manpower to move large goods, so they are often forced to hand over items they want to buy,” said Darrow.

Herculeze Technologies aims to solve this problem by creating a marketplace where pickup truck owners and people with large household items or furniture can connect. Customers make their delivery requests while truck drivers submit bids over the network.

“Think of it as overcharging delivery,” Darrow said.

The company is a student initiative made up of students from Oakland University, Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and Bowling Green State.

Herculeze was part of two incubator programs, Wayne State University’s TechTown DTX Accelerator Program in 2017 and Oakland University’s 2017 Business Accelerator OU INC.

“We all really enjoyed working at OU INC, where we have an environment to work together in every day,” said Ryan Tsivitse, Michigan student and manager at Herculeze. “Our team is thrilled with the traction Herculeze has received since the start.”

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