Storage Court near SeaTac Airport (Special Online Deals)

Storage Court, is Washington’s safe, affordable storage company.  Leverage our facilities to store your valuables at over 20 locations in the state of Washington.  Customers of ours store anything from their vehicle, RV, home furnishings, office materials and more.  Every location has an on-site resident manager.

Experts in Self-Storage

Today, we’re announcing our location, Tukwila Self Storage located at 5950 South Center BLVD
Tukwilla, WA 98052 is offering a great deal on storage units. 

Convenient Self-Storage for the Northwest

Call today for special rates  (206) 905-1875

Special discounted rate for 10×15 storage unit, alarm, elevator access as well as heated, for only $200 was $240 per month (plus 1/2 off first full month’s rent).
About Storage Court
Our number one goal to each and every customer is providing the most convenient storage solution possible.  This all comes with design.  Each and every one ofour storage facitleis rae designed to make loading and unloading your stuff as quick and easy as possible.  Our storage units are all ground floor, no elevator required.  Simple drive up to your unit, load or unload items as required and you’re done.  You don’t have to worry about stairs or elevators at all.
Most locations are open 24/7, but in the case you’re looking to visit your unit during non business hours, our staff will accommodate you to the best of their ability

Highly Secure locations means peace of mind

By investing heavily in security and fencing around the property, the safety of our belongings need not be considered.  Our facilities are almost as secure as your local bank 🙂  We have video surveillance, a very well lit property, high fences and an electronic security gate system for entrance.    Any activity at the property, the cameras are working.

Car storage / parking

We know many customers require a storage unit to park their beloved sports car or similar.  Your 1967 Chevy is safe with us.  Feel free to come take it out for a joy ride or even work on it on the weekends.    And when you are flying out of Seattle Tacoma Airport near, which is only a few miles from our location, we recommend only one company – (Give them a call at 860-530-0072) to search for rates, check shuttle times and read reviews.  Any SEATAC airport parking lot you decide to leave your car, while on vacation a approved parking lot is your best choice.

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