St. Johns County man says movers caused thousands of dollars in damage to furniture

Former St. Johns County resident Keith Liwen said a third of his furniture was damaged when he ordered Two Men and a Jacksonville / St. Augustine truck to take him from Fruit Cove to Texas.

“Most of the bedroom furniture was nicked, we have a dining area that was badly nicked, and the dining room set was pretty scratched,” Liwen told I-TEAM, adding that some other pieces of furniture were also damaged.

Liwen photographed the damage to document what had happened and asked the I-TEAM for help. After saying he spent more than two months getting the moving company to get things right and repair the damage.

Keith Liwen says his moving companies caused an estimated $ 7,000 in damage to his furniture while traveling from Fruit Cove to Texas.

“They told me they were going to get a furniture repairman to come out. I said it was okay and the furniture repair man came out and inspected everything and gave them an estimate, ”said Liwen, who noticed the damage within two days of the move. “After that, I never heard from them again. I called for about two weeks and when I finally got in touch with them they said they wanted a second person to come out. “

He said a second appraiser found his furniture would cost nearly $ 7,000 to repair. A detailed copy of the second estimate lists the damage to each piece of furniture, which totaled $ 6,967 (see an embedded version of that estimate below).

Despite repeated requests, Liwen said that two men and a truck did not provide him with either estimate, but he received a copy of the second from the appraiser who came to his house. “They sent out people to do the estimate. I had no contact with them until they came to my house, ”he said.

But Liwen’s ordeal was far from over.

“After I got the second estimate, they emailed me saying they wanted to offer me $ 1,000,” he said. “I was shocked and the other thing they told me was that they had a man that they worked with all the time. Look at the pictures and he said the estimate is $ 550. … I can’t imagine that this would cover any damage that was caused. “

“I don’t want to rake anyone over the coals. I just want the fair value to fix my furniture. “

The I-TEAM asked Two Men and a truck for an explanation. Pete Ruffing, the Jacksonville Franchise Partner, sent the following reply:

“Our two men and a Truck® in St. Johns, Florida brought Mr. Liwen to Texas in the first week of September. We have been in constant communication with Mr. Liwen to resolve this issue since he informed us on September 6th of items that were accidentally damaged during the move. This process is still ongoing and the final step is to get a third estimate from a local repair provider that will take place on Friday December 4th. As soon as we have this estimate, we will work with a selected provider to carry out the necessary repairs on time. As “MOVERS WHO CARE®” it is our practice to repair damage as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there were a number of hurdles in this individual case that led to delays. It is our intention to resolve this as soon as we have the third estimate and Mr. Liwen is aware of that timetable. “

Liwen believes it took so long to find a solution because he felt the company didn’t like the expensive damage estimates and was looking for a way to avoid paying such a large repair bill.

After the I-TEAM contacted the company, Two Men and a truck hired a repairman to fix the damage to Liwen’s furniture on Friday.

The I-TEAM dealt with two men and a truck. To be fair, we didn’t find any red flags on the Jacksonville moving company. Complaints against moving companies are filed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We haven’t found any against the Jacksonville offices in the past four years. You can use this database to search for complaints against a moving company.

We also checked with the Better Business Bureau in northeast Florida. The Two Men site and a truck on the Philips Highway and the St. Augustine site have ratings A and B +. Moving companies are among the top categories of companies searched on BBB’s website. BBB has registered more than 5,700 complaints about moving companies and moving companies.

According to BBB, if you are planning on moving soon, you should always discuss the company’s claims policy beforehand and review your homeowner’s insurance policy to determine what will and will not be covered by your replacement coverage. Click here for a list of other suggestions to follow before hiring a mover.

Liwen has a warning to anyone considering hiring a moving company: be careful.

“I understand how things can be damaged. My problem was that they just didn’t make sure to pack everything, ”he said. “If they had packed everything up like they did with the first half of the truck, I wouldn’t have had that type of damage, but after a certain point they were just in a hurry to get everything in and it was obvious too, that they didn’t care what they did. “

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