Space Café Scotland Recap by Angela Mathis: Movers and Shakers from the Scottish Space Leadership Council

The first Space Café Scotland featured five key members of the collaborative space ecosystem in Scotland talking to Angela Mathis. With the country making more small satellites than anywhere outside of California, spaceports and launch vehicles in development, a strong space exploration community, plus a thriving downstream data segment, and a long history of supporting traditional space missions, Scotland has become a quiet country at the fore European space nation.

The Scottish Space Leadership Council is a collegial forum in which key players in the sector from industry, science and government come together regularly for discussions and work processes. It is a coordinating gateway to enabling and promoting the sector, with an emphasis on concrete results.

From helping industry and scientific stakeholders achieve common goals and promoting the unique ‘Scotland Offer’ as part of the UK’s space offering, to working with national and international partners, the Council is a lightning rod for the country’s space interests. It provides an inclusive platform that focuses on delivering results that fuel the development of the sector while promoting innovation, sustainability and education to achieve collaborative economic growth.

The SSLC members who joined Angela to introduce Scotland’s collaborative approach to space and to announce the SSLC’s new online presence were:

This Space Café Scotland took place on Thursday April 29th 2021 and was brought to you in partnership with a strategic space marketing company. AstroAgency.

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To hear the insights into this space café, you can watch the full program here:

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