‘Rogue movers’ leave customers without furniture for weeks, additional costs and delivery delays

MEDINA, Ohio – Karen Wood’s new apartment in Medina has no room for even a television. Other than a table, a couple of chairs, and the air mattress she bought, people aren’t doing much better.

Wood has lived in an essentially unfurnished apartment because her furniture had not been delivered more than three weeks after she was told she was coming from El Paso, Texas, after moving to Medina, Ohio.

Karen is sitting in the middle of her living room after waiting more than three weeks for her furniture to arrive.

“I’m kind of stuck,” said Wood. “How do I get my things back?”

Wood hired Gold Standard Relocation to move their belongings. Your experience missed the company’s name.

Karen says she bought this air mattress so she could have a place to sleep while she waited for her furniture to arrive.

“Terrible,” said Wood, talking about working with the company. “They don’t answer and when they answer they don’t know what’s going on.”

According to Wood, Gold Standard initially outperformed another company’s offer, but later increased the price just before the move. The original estimate shows an offer of roughly $ 1,700, but the final contract is for a little over $ 3,000, almost double that amount.

Karen’s television sits on the floor next to toys she bought for her little daughter to keep her entertained until the moving companies deliver her things.

Following that change, Karen says Gold Standard delayed the move a few times and still failed to deliver Karen’s belongings by Feb.25, after she was told she was promised they would arrive on Jan 27.

Sue McConnell, president of the Cleveland Better Business Bureau, says Wood’s experience is a textbook when it comes to what the BBB calls a “rogue mover.”

Karen holds her daughter’s hand in her almost empty apartment.

“Rogue movers have long been a problem,” said McConnell. “Probably more because of the internet, because that’s where they’re hiding.”

McConnell says they promise to beat any price but then add additional costs. Sometimes McConnell says they call and say the furniture is in storage and won’t be delivered until the customer pays a few hundred dollars more. At this point, the customer has no choice but to pay the money or take the risk of losing their belongings.

Much of the apartment stands empty around a television camera before Karen’s things are delivered.

McConnell says if a quote is too good to be true, it probably is.

“If you’re looking for a mover and someone offers you a very good price online that you can’t get anywhere else, that’s tempting,” said McConnell.

Wood is not alone.

Complaints on the company’s Facebook page led us to the owner of a damaged dresser and ottoman in California. This customer also lost entire boxes of fragile items that were broken by Gold Standard after moving.

A woman who moved to California from Oklahoma says this dresser was bent while moving with Gold Standard Relocation.

She also reported additional charges, a late pickup, and a last-minute payment for the moving companies to bring the furniture to her California apartment.

Gold Standard Relocation declined to answer questions from News 5 about why the delays were occurring and why there were additional fees.

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