Property Patter: Things to consider when moving to a new area

If there’s anything else going on in the past year, you might be considering making New Year’s resolutions, but moving to a new area might be a goal you would like to see through. The Scottish property market is currently open so you don’t have to put your move on hold.

There can be many reasons to move to a new area, possibly due to work commitments, family closeness, or simply a change of scene. Whatever the reason, there are many things to consider when moving to a new area. If 2021 is your year for a fresh start and a new home, here is a helpful guide to consider when looking for your new home or preparing to move.

There are many factors that make a property desirable in terms of its location. Not just where they are on the map, but where they are in relation to facilities. Even if you move to a rural location to pursue your dream of living on the country side, there are a few important things to consider.

When moving with children, you need to think about how close your home is to the nearest kindergartens, schools, and even colleges for further education. Think about how you would commute to them every day, is there a school bus, is there public transportation, or is there any alternative if public transportation can’t run?

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A consideration of whether or not you have children. Your health and wellbeing are incredibly important, so it is important to be around doctors and dentists for regular checkups, and to be close to emergency care like a hospital. You might also want to think of nearby fire and police stations – just for your peace of mind.

Nowadays couriers deliver to the most remote places, so buying clothes and similar items like housewares and furniture is not too much of a problem. The essentials like food are a different matter. It is worth checking where the nearest supermarket is for your larger business or whether they offer convenient home delivery. But if you run out of milk or toilet paper, think about the nearest store in your area!

Internet quality is a major factor for many, especially with more people currently working from home. You need to research what is available at the new location and whether it is powerful enough for your needs. Many Internet providers give you a rough estimate of the speed and line connections based on your zip code. If you have a current supplier, it might be a good idea to check with them first.

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The cost of buying your new home goes without saying, but have you thought about the other costs involved? The first thing to check on a new property is the council tax for that area as it may be different from what you are currently paying. Also, if you can, check the energy bills. Even a rough estimate will help, especially if you are moving to a larger property. As you move further afield, you need to consider the cost of moving or even storage. Other costs to consider when moving to a new area are travel expenses. Will your commute take longer or will you even switch to public transport?

When thinking about moving to a new place, you need to think about not only the basics, but also the other fun things you are used to in your current home. These are things that you take for granted right now but that you will miss if you move. If ordering a takeout snack is a staple of your weekend plans, or if you’re looking to grab a latte and muffin to go at your local coffee shop, it would be a shame to pass up.

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Nobody wants to stay inside every weekend, and hopefully these lockdown restrictions don’t last forever. So make sure to keep an eye out for nearby activities to look forward to when you have a little more freedom. Things like local restaurants and bars, recreational facilities like swimming pools and gyms, and even nature walks and local parks.

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