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During the long winter nights, Prescott readers use the Prescott Public Library’s curb service to quickly pick up books, magazines, audio books, DVDs, and more.

In November, the library introduced Click & Collect, a new way for users with smartphones to pick up items that are on hold within minutes of arriving at the library. Click & Collect is a feature of the Yavapai Library Network Catalog app, which is available in the App Store or Google Play.

“It’s so fast and I don’t have to plan ahead,” said Judy Cherry, longtime library user. “We live five miles out of town. So when I’m in town doing my errands, it’s easy to park near the library, open Click & Collect on my phone, wait a few minutes, and to get my books. ”

The Prescott Public Library also offers pickup by reservation, but the smartphone app has made picking up from cargo spaces more convenient for many users.

Although the library is closed to the public, the Prescott Public Library processes an average of 684 checkouts per day and delivers roadside items to 225 people daily. The library staff can be reached by phone or email Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to help users choose library items, place cargo spaces and learn to use the app.

The Click & Collect feature was developed this year in response to the need for efficient and safe delivery of library items by the roadside.

“I am delighted that more and more users are using the YLN app to search our catalog anytime, anywhere,” said Valerie Burns, network manager of the Yavapai Library. “While the physical library shelves may not be accessible, the app allows you to search over a million items across the nationwide network. With the new Click and Collect feature in the Prescott Public Library, users can simply click what they want and collect their materials by the roadside. ”

For complete information on Click & Collect and any changed services, please visit the Prescott Public Library at or call 928-777-1526. Also check out the library’s online events calendar at

Information provided by the City of Prescott.

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