PICKUP and Postmates Partner to Elevate Nationwide, Same-Day Delivery

PICK UP, a last mile delivery service and logistics platform, has partnered with Postmates to give retailers the ability to scale local delivery capabilities to meet the growing demand for store-to-door delivery for everything in their catalog.

PICKUP Enterprise manages the end-to-end customer experience including access to PICKUP Good Guy Network, which specializes in the delivery and assembly of large and heavy goods. Since the introduction of PICKUP Enterprise earlier this year, retailers have grown basket sizes more than 2 times and increased BOPIS (Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store) 23%.

The partnership between PICKUP and Postmates will further expand the retailer’s fulfillment options for all items – from Christmas decorations and gifts to furniture.

“Our partners need their full range of goods to be delivered. We are excited to welcome Postmates to PICKUP Enterprise, the industry’s most powerful, fully managed, on-demand logistics platform,” said Brenda Stoner, CEO and Founder of PICKUP. “No other platform offers the PICKUP Good Guys, a curated network of verified independent contractors who deliver large and heavy goods. This enables PICKUP to offer retailers more value in their product range than any other solution on the market today.”

“PICKUP Enterprise makes delivery quick and convenient, whether large or small, and without the added cost and complexity of a stand-alone transportation management system,” said Darren Waxman, Chief Revenue Officer at PICKUP. “With PICKUP Enterprise with Postmates, consumers can shop where, when and how they choose – e-commerce, store, warehouse and more – while reducing logistics costs and increasing the value of customer life for retailers.”

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