Paying for the Furniture Delivery Man’s Mistake

ABC News Fixer is helping a woman who was asked to pay the restocking fee for a damaged couch.

November 11, 2015, 7:42 pm

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?? – – Dear ABC News Fixer: I bought a couch at a discount furniture store called The Dump. While they were trying to get it inside, the delivery men tore open the upholstery.

They took the couch back and promised someone would get in touch with me. Nobody did. I called and left a message but still couldn’t get a call back. Eventually I called again and reached someone and the person I spoke to said I had to pay a $ 150 restocking fee!

I called again but no one will help me. I get the detour. Your help is very much appreciated.

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Dear Christina: This had to be one of the most absurd customer service replies we’ve heard. Get the customer to pay a restocking fee after the delivery guys destroy the couch? To make this even more fun, you said the fabric on the couch tore when the guys tried to lift it by a jaw that was stationed near your side entrance.

By the time we got involved, you had already managed to convince them to forego this stupid fee. But it was still about a $ 200 deposit you made on the couch. At this point, they just wanted the money back so they could shop elsewhere.

We emailed Haynes Furniture, the parent company of the discounter The Dump. We heard from Cindy Arthur, Head of Customer Service. She said she was “embarrassed” how this was handled, adding that she was planning a compliance review on the team to prevent this from happening again. Best of all, the company refunded your $ 200 so you can get started.

A word about restocking fees at the start of the holiday season: Before you buy, find out if the store will charge a restocking fee for an item that you may need to return. Restocking fees typically apply to specialty items, furniture, and electronics, but do not apply if the item you are returning is defective.

– The ABC News Fixer

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