Pandemic boosts demand for delivery services

PETALING JAYA: One sector that has benefited from the Covid-19 pandemic is the delivery service.

With movement restrictions confining people to their homes, everything from groceries and groceries to laundry and online shopping needs to be picked up and delivered to customers or service providers.

This has resulted in a significant increase in orders, according to Grab, one of many delivery service providers.

A company spokesperson estimated that since the Movement Control Ordinance was first enforced on March 18, demand for its services has increased 30%.

To meet the increasing demand across the country, Grab has switched more than 100,000 drivers from its email service to its delivery service.

“This is an initiative to offer our driver partners the opportunity to develop alternative sources of income. And we can ensure the reliability of our efforts to deliver groceries, groceries, and other purchases. “

He said nearly 25% of grocery deliveries are made by GrabCar drivers who have stopped picking up passengers due to movement restrictions.

To ensure the safety and well-being of customers and service providers, all transactions are processed online, added the spokesman.

“In addition to security, digitization also contributes to increasing demand.”

Foodpanda Malaysia, which is focused on the delivery of food, has launched an initiative to reduce the time it takes to deliver meals to customers.

“One of our key initiatives is to require vendors to reduce the time it takes to complete registrations,” Sayantan Das, Malaysia general manager, told theSun.

“This is to ensure that our suppliers can have a meal ready for pickup for delivery as soon as possible.”

He said drivers had been equipped with the necessary tools to express their desire to collect an order and have it delivered to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The training for providers and drivers is conducted online, with social distancing as per standard operating procedures.

Sayantan said Foodpanda also has an initiative to put chefs on the list of vendors to give them the opportunity to earn an income during these challenging times.

The company’s drivers also pick up purchases for delivery at more than 3,000 retail stores across the country. The retail chains that have partnered with foodpanda include 7-Eleven, FamilyMart and Tesco.

Sayantan added that customers may notify drivers to place their orders at a designated drop-off point to ensure social distancing.

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