Old home moving to writers’ neighborhood in Iowa City

The City of Iowa City and the University of Iowa are conducting a property swap and one of the university’s writing programs is relocated.

The 177-year-old Gilmore House is being moved from campus across the street to a dial indicator parking lot owned by Iowa City. Rod Lehnertz, senior vice president at the university, says he will join two more houses down the street that are home to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and the International Writing Program.

“Nonfiction writing would move into the home and it would be a good size for their program,” he says, “and this would further advance the idea of ​​houses, historical structures in which important and openly nationally and internationally recognized writing programs take place . ” We affectionately call the writers’ neighborhood. “

The house being moved is next to a commercial building on campus.

“An area that we would like to develop over time, so the house is a challenge,” says Lehnertz. “We went through quite a process of reviewing options.”

As soon as the house has moved, Lehnertz says that it will be renovated. The costs for the move and the renovation are covered by private donations. The board of directors of the university yesterday approved all agreements.

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