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January 29, 2021

from the guest contributor

Maisie Woolverton

Due to a special arrangement that is being discussed here, an extract is from a recent article from the Aptos blog.

At the RetailROI SuperFriday just before the NRF Big Show, a retailer roundtable hosted by Aptos discussed some of the trends that were emerging in retail in 2020 and which seem to be persistent.

Topics covered included:

Pick up at the roadside: Retailers had mixed opinions about the roadside pandemic. For some, Curbside and BOPIS have helped increase the average order value and avoid problems with delivery. For others, it wasn’t much of a win for customers or too complicated to coordinate with closed stores.

Buy now, pay later: Given the low implementation costs and a younger audience, one retailer stated that “buy now, pay later” was a strong trend going forward. However, some retailers felt that payment plan solutions are not currently relevant to their market or region. The “buy now, pay now” model was preferred.

Delivery alternatives: At least some of the participating retailers have expanded their delivery networks to counter delays and are often finding more reliable service with smaller carriers or alternative options like Instacart. With fewer products moving between stores, one retailer has even repurposed its own vans to bring shipments straight to the carrier’s hubs to reduce time and costs.

Live streaming: Roundtable dealers were not sold during live streaming. While it was mentioned getting good results from previous livestreaming efforts with their collection designers, the main purpose of the technology was to get traffic to the stores. The conversation instead turned to other sales channels and marketing efforts, including emotional messages, which have been fruitful for these retailers over the past few months.

Health and wellness: A health and wellness retailer had positive outlook for its industry despite ongoing supply chain challenges. “There was already a trend too [the category]and COVID has accelerated it, “said the retailer. “We think it will keep growing and it’s here to stay.”

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Which trends that emerged during the pandemic are more likely to continue after the pandemic? Which trends that are attracting attention for accelerated traction do you think are being abandoned?

Brain trust

“BOPAC and BOPIS are two trends that will remain. I also believe that MFCs or micro-fulfillment centers and dark stores are trends that will accelerate.”


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