North Lanarkshire Council approves home moving incentive scheme

North Lanarkshire Council approves an incentive system for moving

Council tenants living in North Lanarkshire properties that are no longer suitable for their needs will be incentivized to help them move.

The program is helping people who are currently under-occupying larger family homes and encouraging them to consider moving into smaller properties, thereby freeing up larger homes for other families.

Stephen Llewellyn, Head of Housing Solutions, North Lanarkshire Council, stated: “Under-occupancy is a problem for most social landlords in Scotland. We try to provide the best possible living space for as many individuals and families as possible with the limited inventory we have.

“People downscaling to properties that are better tailored to their needs would benefit from lower fuel costs, rents and taxes. We also offer additional incentives, including assistance with relocation costs, the award of additional allocation points for each under-occupied room, the provision of financial incentives, the provision of white goods and carpeting, and practical assistance with moving.

“Many tenants have already expressed their willingness and submitted requests for downsizing of apartments that better meet their needs. This is a voluntary program and we recognize that some people may not want to move from their family home. We hope that the introduction of the system will encourage and reassure others who may be considering providing practical and financial assistance to assist them. “

Additional practical support when moving also includes:

  • Assistance with packing personal items and delivering to new property
  • Help with removing and reinserting existing furnishings and decorations
  • Lifting and disposing of unwanted objects or, if necessary, providing and removing the jumping facility
  • Assistance in disconnecting and reconnecting phone / satellite dish and household appliances
  • Email the redirect for a period of three months and help fill out address change forms
  • Transmission of community alarms

Criteria for applying for the program include that it be open to tenants living in properties with three or more bedrooms. Tenants are shrinking to one and two bedroom homes and there is demand for such properties.

A financial incentive of £ 1,500 will be available. A consultation on changes in the allocation policy with key stakeholders is also carried out.

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