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Lindsey Graham reads Neera Tanden’s negative Glassdoor reviews from old employees during the confirmation hearing

When Neera Tanden, President Biden’s nominee for Director of Administration and Budget, sat at her confirmation hearing on Wednesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (RS.C.), the senior Republican on the Senate Committee on Budgets, read a few reviews her former Center for American Progress employees have been left on Glassdoor over the past few years. Graham noted that Tanden, the President of the CAP, referred the committee to the reviews, some of which were far from flattering to the public order organization management, even if the overall experience was rated as positive (“Great experience, terrible management “). one read.) “All I can say,” said Graham after going through some of the negative comments, “is that this is not the consistent choice I have been looking for in this position.” CONFIRMATION OF CONFIRMATION: Senator Lindsey Graham reads negative Glassdoor reviews from the Center for American Progress under Neera Tanden after being referred to by the committee: “1 out of 5 stars. Terrible, absolutely terrible. ‘” – Forbes (@Forbes) February 10, 2021 Republicans like Graham weren’t the only ones raising concerns about tanden. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), The chairman of the committee, along with some GOP colleagues asked Tanden about some inflammatory comments she had previously made on Twitter. “Your attacks weren’t just aimed at Republicans,” he said. “There have been vicious attacks against progressives. People I’ve worked with.” Sanders’ recognized lawmakers are used to such criticism, but he made it clear that “it is important” to refrain from personal attack and instead express “differences in policy”. Tanden told Sanders she regretted her earlier comments and would change her approach if confirmed. . @ SenSanders says it is important “to minimize the level of personal and malicious attacks”. Ask Neera Tanden if she will take a different approach at OMB. @ Neeratanden: “Absolutely … social media leads to too much personal comment and my approach will be radically different.” – CSPAN (@cspan) Feb 10, 2021 More stories from theweek.comTrump the phone guy is backTrump’s startling defense Impeachment managers reveal stunning footage of Romney as Pence is escorted to safety during the riot

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