Municipal Services to Consider Giving Customers the Option of Rejecting Plastic Utensils With Take-Out and Pickup Orders – Pasadena Now

Pasadena may soon offer customers the option of receiving paper napkins, plastic knives, spoons and forks when ordering take-out or delivery.

On Tuesday, March 23rd at 4:00 p.m., the City Council’s Municipal Services Committee will finalize a recommendation for the City Council to develop an ordinance requiring customers to post a positive request for these items – also known as food accessories when they take their orders or take out groceries from a restaurant or grocery store.

Unless customers ask about them, restaurant staff shouldn’t include these items in their orders.

The Department of Public Works came up with the suggestion after finding that the US throws away “billions of unused single-use food items,” including utensils, straws, and spice packets every year

This type of “zero-use” waste clogs landfills, pollutes roads and waterways and contributes to the flooding of non-recyclable plastic production, according to a report to the city council.

The report says that most companies currently sell single-use dinnerware, even if customers don’t ask for them. As a result, these items are thrown away without being used, as customers typically eat in their homes where they have their own reusable items.

“Moving to an on-request model reduces waste and saves companies money. This is a win-win situation for companies, their customers and the city, ”the report said.

In the report, Public Works recommends that the city council instruct the city attorney to draft the proposed ordinance within 60 days.

Members of the public can access Tuesday’s Municipal Services Committee meeting through or

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