Moving With The Good Guys

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There are many moving companies in the area – so many that you may not know where to look when moving. Good Guys Moving & Delivery offers full service and upfront pricing, making them the company you can trust for your moves in the Chattanooga area and abroad.

Good Guys Moving & Delivery started in Macon in 2009, says founder and CEO Adam Lambert, and expanded to Chattanooga in 2012. They have grown steadily since then, with the most recent move being a last mile retail store of online purchases that need to be delivered locally.

Good Guys Moving & Delivery focuses on both residential and business moves. They can help take apart and reassemble furniture, clean your house, and even move heavy furniture around your house. For their commercial services, they can facilitate both employee and office moves. They also offer storage.

Price transparency is key to the Good Guys Moving & Delivery reputation. You can do a cost estimate with an inventory and even help customers decide whether an hourly rate or a guaranteed flat rate is best for your situation.

Good Guys Moving & Delivery is also known for their professional services. They do everything possible to protect your time and of course your belongings. It is a pleasure to work with every team member.

Plan a successful move

Packaging, moving and delivery – these are services that you often only think of when you need them. Lambert has some advice to help streamline your process.

1. Review your options for moving companies.

“Do some research,” he urges. “Check out reviews online and find out if moving companies are approved in your state or, if it’s an interstate move, with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.”

2. Get estimates.

Once you’ve identified licensed moving companies, make estimates, Lambert says.

“Get three written estimates,” he suggests. “Make sure your inventory is included with your estimates. Knowing exactly what to move is the best way to get a guaranteed price. “

3. Pack early.

“If you want to pack, allow a few weeks,” he says. “Go room by room and clearly label everything.”

That’s still a lot, and Good Guys Moving & Delivery can help you with the logistics.

“Our move coordinator will help you understand how to label furniture and determine where to go in your new home,” says Lambert. “Our goal is to ensure that your move is as pain-free and stress-free as possible.”

This year, as COVID-19 adds an extra layer of stress, Good Guys Moving & Delivery is also paying extra attention to your health. Workers were given PPE and copious amounts of hand sanitizer, Lambert says. The company has met people who are relocating due to a family tragedy, and “we’re trying hard,” says Lambert.

Good guys moving & delivery

  • Chattanooga: (423) 531-3841
  • Veterans, military families on active duty, and first responders receive discounts.

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