Moving Out’s Free Moving In Update Flips the Gameplay On Its Head

Team17’s furniture transport simulator, Moving Out, is getting a free update for all platforms that allows players to bring furniture back to their homes.

Team17s multiplayer party game abstract is getting a new update that allows players to race to move into a house instead of lugging all of the furniture off one, and it’s appropriately called “move in”. Moving Out is one of several recent games that feature fun physical interactions as the main gameplay hooks. Players play charming co-op gameplay, hauling furniture to their moving truck as quickly as possible. A few lamps can fall to the floor, a few tables can be worn out, but as long as the players are beating the clock it’s a fine job.

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In a trailer for the upcoming Moving Out content, Team17 announced the Moving In update, which completely reverses the existing gameplay loop. Players have a truck full of various items and must maneuver them into a house to place them relatively inaccurately before heading away with a different daily wage. While this mode is just as chaotic as the main game, it turns the game from a work simulation to a non-Nintendo version of Animal Crossings Home Design. The update also adds new dancing emotes and costumes for the game’s various characters, but it’s difficult to focus on a character’s shirt when their head is a one-eyed potted plant. According to the publisher, Moving Out players will soon receive the Moving In update for free.

Moving Out doesn’t just share its physical focus with other newer indies happens to be one of three furniture-based moving games that will hit the market in 2020. Coatsink released its furniture delivery simulator Get Packed on Stadia in early 2020 and is one of the few exclusive games on Google’s streaming platform to date. In the meantime, TinyBuild has brought the Totally Reliable Delivery Service into Open Beta on multiple platforms. This game is more about delivering packages than furniture, but the mechanics and focus on the physics outside the wall make it easy to connect. Perhaps the gaming population has been looking for a way to simulate collaborative work as these unique games got stuck at home in 2020 and these unique games appear to have met that demand.

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abstract is available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Source: Team17

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