Moving Out Receives The New Movers In Paradise DLC


Team17, DevM Games and SMG Studio have released a new DLC pack for Moving Out as you become Movers In Paradise. The game had already received the Moving In update for free, which is essentially the game in reverse. Now, for $ 7.49, you can move people out of their homes again, but this time along a sunny beach while helping people in beautiful places move their homes to another location that’s just as awesome. Enjoy the trailer below as the DLC pack is out now.

It's everything we wanted on a summer vacation ... work!  Courtesy of Team17.That’s all we wanted on summer vacation … work! Courtesy of Team17.

Located on Packmore Island, a short boat ride from the original main game location, Packmore, Movers In Paradise DLC welcomes players to island life in full force. From curious crustaceans and mischievous monkeys to alluring foliage and soaring tides, the Furniture Arrangement and Moving Technicians (FARTs) have their job for you. With ancient ruins hiding priceless gems, shipwrecks full of treasure, and lots of ziplines to speed up the movement process, Movers in Paradise has 14 new levels for players to complete, as well as 10 new arcade levels to add to their own Really testing movement skills.

With tons of colorful characters, eccentric environments, and physics-based fun, Moving Out offers local multiplayer mayhem for up to four players, challenging them to move items to the waiting moving van in no time. Beach-friendly clothing is important for the correct handling of removal goods, and that is exactly what the four new movers offer; Tooki, the Toucan, Coco, the Coconut, Clawdius, the Crab, and Gilly the Fish join the original cast of FARTs.

In addition to today’s launch, there’s the wider release of the free Moving In update, which turns the game’s core premise on its head and prompts players to unpack the moving truck through a dozen of the original Moving Out levels and get items to the correct ones ASAP Places to position. The free update, released on Amazon Luna last month, also gives players the ability to customize their character shirts and introduces two new dance moves.

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