Moving Out has you Moving In with next update

The move put Overcooked’s hectic food into an April moving scenario. At that time, we reviewed the game and considered it a worthy descendant of the catering party game. In the meantime, Team17 has rolled out a number of updates to Moving Out, and the next one is the biggest yet. The next big update to Moving Out is called Moving In and it flips the script. It adds a new mode to the 12 levels of the base game where this time you’ll have to empty the moving truck and put down furniture.

Moving In comes with a few more additions, including a big change in quality of life. Auto-snap mode is introduced so you can place beds and couches exactly where you want them. We’re assuming this is like an auto-place mode, which might make things easier for some players. Have you ever wrecked a house trying to get furniture? Yes me too. That would have been useful.

Rounding out the update is a new customization option that lets you choose character shirts as well as two new dance moves: “The Prospector and Loveshack”. The Moving Out Moving In update will be available in the near future.

[Source: PR]

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