Moving firm ignoring me on scratched floor

Q: I have a problem with Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery. One of his deliverers scratched my wooden floor. I submitted an application form and a repair estimate.
Basically, Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery initially responded but once I filed a lawsuit it stopped responding to my emails or calls. I just want to make sure mine is

Christopher Elliott

Claims have been made that it is complete and that there is a satisfactory solution. Can you help?

Richard Park, Washington, DC

A: Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery should provide a response, even if it is just to confirm your claim. I am sorry that you have not yet received a satisfactory response from the company.

The company certainly doesn’t look like the type to ignore a customer. On its website, the company has more than three decades of experience providing an “unmatched level of service” to the high-end furniture, antique and fine furniture industries. What could possibly go wrong?

But something did it.

The Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery website doesn’t say much about claims for damages. However, in the form of “get a quote” it is pointed out that the valuation coverage for loss or damage is a maximum of 30 days. “Metropolitan will evaluate and determine [the] Disposition of all submitted claims within 30 days of receipt of the completed application form. “In other words, it can take up to a month for the company to get back to you.

In my view, this doesn’t mean they have a license to ignore a customer up to the 30 day mark. If Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery hasn’t even confirmed your emails or calls, I see no reason to.

When I asked about your paper trail – the correspondence between you and Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery – another image came into focus. The company responded, but it gave you what can best be called a bypass. Additional documents and details were requested to complete your claim. And you are right, it has never been specifically confirmed that you completed the form to its satisfaction. I would have been worried too.

But let’s take a step back.

A Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery employee shouldn’t have scratched your floor. In this case, however, the company should quickly identify and repair the damage. You may also have challenged this with a manager at the company. Once you’ve found the name of one of its executives, it’s easy to find out their email address. The naming convention is [email protected] But all of this should be unnecessary. You deserve a quick, positive answer.

I have contacted Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery on your behalf. A representative noted that claims take up to 30 days. The company wrote you a check for the full damage.

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