Moving company holds Longmont woman’s heirlooms for months without delivery

DENVER – A Longmont woman says an interstate moving company has held her family heirlooms hostage for months, even after paying them thousands more than the contract stated.

When Kathy Ayres was diagnosed with cancer, Longmont’s mother wanted to sort out her affairs and move her heirlooms from Colorado to Virginia.

“I have stage three multiple myeloma and I want to prepare,” said Ayres, who was giving her antique furniture and china to her cousin in Virginia. “I have inherited all family furniture. They are more than a century old and have sentimental value to my family. She wants it and her children want it.”

Ayres and her cousin found Ft. Nationwide Moving of America, based in Lauderdale, signed a contract and sent her precious memories with moving companies across the country.

“Everything seemed to be going very smoothly. So they packed it up and took off, and they said it could take up to three weeks,” Ayers said. “That was December 31st.”

In January, Ayres received a text asking her to transfer an additional $ 2,000 in advance with the promise that the truck would leave shortly afterwards. Her 97-year-old uncle sent the money, but the heirlooms never arrived.

As it turned out, Nationwide Moving of America did not move their heirlooms. You are a moving agent and you have outsourced the move to H&M Relocation Services in Denver, which has an F rating and a warning from the Better Business Bureau.

“Interstate movers must be licensed with USDOT, the US Department of Transportation,” said Ezra Coopersmith, an investigative advisor for the BBB. “We regularly review these licenses. The last BBB review was about 10 days ago. At the time, the company did not have an active USDOT license.”

While the license appears to be currently active, Contact Denver7 has determined that federal regulators have filed several complaints against Nationwide Moving of America and H&M Relocation Services over the past two years, including complaints that cited in the “hostage-taking” category. are listed.

The address given for the H&M Relocation Service for the USDOT is in southeast Denver. The owner, David Zoda, didn’t answer the door but called before we could leave the neighborhood.

“Don’t show my apartment, you know. If something happens to my mother, you’ll be in trouble, man,” he said, claiming that he now plans to bring Ayres to justice on false charges. “We care about our reputation. We are a legitimate company.”

Zoda said the Department of Transportation shut down his company in February after his truck failed an inspection and he was unable to deliver. Now he claimed he was playing catch-up for several customers who had to wait.

Zoda said he would allow Ayres to pick up her belongings if he gets back from a delivery in Texas “in a week, five days.”

Ayres said after Contact called Denver7 she finally got a response from Zoda, but it was a call threatening legal action and text accusing her of defamation.

Since she is fighting cancer, this is a fight she did not ask for. She just wants to know that her family is getting the memories she’s trying to send them.

“My intention is to get them moving and communicating. Please tell us what the status is,” said Ayres.

Before hiring an interstate mover, search the federal database for registration status, complaint history, and type of moving business. Many customers don’t know they are hiring a moving agent who then outsources the job to a completely different company.

Make sure the collection and delivery dates are clearly stated in your contract.

Do not pay cash, prepay or make a large deposit.

If you are a victim of moving fraud, file a complaint with the FMCSA, the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division, and the local police force.

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