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Pianos are quite huge yet, the most valuable item that you may own, and having them transported is unimaginably difficult and scary. Pianos being huge carry a lot of weight which makes them one of the heaviest items to transport. Every musician out there wouldn’t deny that finding a perfect piano is nearly a dream, and moving a piano long distance just makes it a nightmare, right? Well, we will cover ways in which moving a piano long distance would make it a piece of cake and you may no longer have to worry about the damages that may susceptibly destroy it. The thought of leaving your newly purchased or hierarchically inherited piano behind is nearly a bad option to you which will no longer allow you to do so. 

It is a big instrument and hence you cannot move it in any way. You must not allow the shifting of the same by people who do not know how to handle it while in transit. There are areas given on every piano from where you can lift it and place it to another location. One must pick the same from the concerned point only else there may be high chances of damaging the same. 

If you have searched for information on moving a piano long distance then you are either shifting from one country to another or you are managing an estate distribution or you significantly represent music school and need help in transporting your piano into another location within your network.

Methods of moving a piano long distance

  1.    Renting a separate truck to move your piano would be a safe and ideal method to move your piano long distance. This can be an option if you have the ability to physically load and unload the piano all by yourself or have other people along you to lift it. If you are looking for a method without making holes in the pocket, then renting a truck would be the best option.

    2.    Other than manually transporting the piano, you can also hire a professional mover for moving a piano long distance. This is ideal when you have to locally transport the piano as these professional movers may charge plenty of bucks in order to carry and moving a piano long distance.

    3.    You can even post your piano shipment on peer-to-peer shipping or rideshare shipping websites wherein shipping partners load your piano into shipments moving in the direction of the place it needs to be shipped to. This method carries the risk of theft and damage and may also involve the risk of natural calamities.  Many of the service providers also offer insurance coverage for such precious items that are shipping by them. 

    4.    Consolidated freight can also be considered at this juncture as it ships your upright piano in a truck containing other shipments moving in the same direction as yours. You may feel a little unsecured about the safety of your piano in this option but they are professional movers and take care of every item they move to different areas and countries. Consolidated freight may include indoor pick-up and drop-down, unloading, and loading with the help of a crane and will provide white-glove packaging services. Hence it can be a more viable option in many cases.

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