Movetech brings new efficiencies to furniture removals

“I found a willing partner by stopping random bakkies on Main Road, Rondebosch. We negotiated a price after which I added 30% commission when pricing with students who either responded to my ads on Facebook or verbal referrals, ”says Moabelo.

But one day at the start of the company, the driver didn’t come to an appointment at 9 a.m. “He didn’t tell me what happened, he turned off his phone and left me stranded with no explanation.”

So Moabelo started renting bakkies to move some of the furniture himself. As the business grew, he employed students part-time to help the administrator and built a database of trucks and drivers he would hire to move customer items. The drivers had to bring their own teams to help them with the movements.

“We used something similar to the Uber model, but without the app and real-time tracking,” says Moabelo.

However, the model left him little control over the quality of the service offered and was vulnerable if things were broken or damaged. He also didn’t want to invest in a business similar to the Uber model, realizing from experience that it would be too easy for Uber to expand into that space.

“During my third year of college in 2014, I started a tuck shop delivery service that charged 20% for anything over R10. I was considering expanding the service to include fast food deliveries, but the idea was thwarted when McDonald’s got its own scooters. ”

Market advantage

With the LoadALot project, Moabelo began working on an ecosystem of key partners to enable a more seamless move. He partnered with Spartan Truck Hire which gave him access to a fleet of over 1,000 well-maintained trucks from one tonne to 32 tonne. The trucks are equipped with technology that monitors driver behavior and digitizes fleet management to optimize the route and ensure the safety of customers’ assets.

Moabelo hopes to start real-time tracking at some point so customers can check the progress of their deliveries.

By partnering with storage, packaging and cleaning companies, LoadALot has been able to add value to its moving services.

The real changes in 2019 when Moabelo partnered with Africa Business Integration (ABI) to develop Africa’s first artificial intelligence model that uses photos to autonomously classify furniture that needs to be moved.

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