Hochschild Mining (HOC) shares rose 10.87% to 254.9 as silver prices rose

Shares in the precious metals company, which specializes in the exploration of silver and gold, rose Monday after the precious metal rose 10% to $ 29.49 an ounce.

While silver has fallen back below its eight-year high of over $ 30 an ounce, it’s still around 10% today at $ 29.49 an ounce (compared to around $ 25 an ounce a week ago). Carlo Alberto De Casa, chief analyst at ActivTrades, says silver returns are “astounding”.

The chief analyst wrote along the way: “Silver is up about 20% in less than four days, a huge surge in the commodities world that would typically take months or even years to achieve and that would be motivated primarily by fundamentals rather than motivation Speculation.”

According to Reuters, several Chinese investors rushed to invest in silver on Monday “in an attempt to boost silver prices in Shanghai while improving the performance of related stocks and funds, in line with demands from global private investors to raise the price of precious metals.”

“Retailers on Reddit and other social media that spiked shares in US video game retailer GameStop have now turned their attention to silver and prompted Chinese investors to join in,” he wrote of the Goods called “poor man” gold. ‘

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Clear Leisure (CLP) shares rise 54.55% to 0.510 pence as the group advances its investment portfolio

The investment company, listed on the AIM, informed investors that it is “making progress” with its investments. First, the group said the Bologna court decided to pursue its £ 0.91million legal claim against the previous management of Sosushi through arbitration.

The statement stated that the arbitration officially began on January 18, 2021 and the Company notified the Chairman of the Monza Guild of Accountants to request the appointment of three independent auditors to lead the arbitration.

The Board expects the arbitration process to be completed within a year of the appointment of independent accountants, adding that the group “believes in the strength of their case.”

In a business update released this morning, Clear Leisure also told investors that investments in Mediapolis, ForCrowd, Eufingest and Miner One were making progress.

“Despite the difficult operating environment as a result of the Covid pandemic, we have succeeded in pressing ahead with the planned legal steps. have completed the restructuring of our debt and remain focused on all aspects of the investment portfolio, “commented Francesco Gardin, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive of Clear Leisure.

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Parity Group (PTY) shares rose 32.43% to 12.25 pence after signing a new three-year contract

The data and technology-driven professional services company has announced a three-year contract with the Scottish Government to support the delivery of the high-speed broadband infrastructure program Reaching 100% (R100).

R100 builds on the Scottish Government’s commitment that every home and business across Scotland should have access to high-speed broadband. Under this new contract, Parity’s services will ensure the rapid and efficient expansion of the superfast broadband infrastructure.

The award offers Parity an aggregate opportunity of up to £ 5 million over the next three to six years, which will strengthen the company’s order book and “provide further visibility to support current expectations for Group performance over the period”.

PTY price chart

PetroNeft Resources (PTR) shares rose 19.57% to 1.375 pence as another 40% stake in License 67 was promised

The London Stock Exchange-listed oil and gas exploration and production company announced this morning that it has signed a purchase and sale agreement with Belgrave Naftogas BV for an additional 40% stake in License 67 in Russia’s Tomsk region for $ 2.9 million to be acquired.

PetroNeft has increased its focus on License 67, which includes the Ledovoye and Cheremshanskoye oil fields, over the past 12 months due to the “significant potential” it offers in terms of exploration and production, the company told investors.

The transaction terms described include the issuance of 80 million PetroNeft shares to Belgrave Naftogas at a price of USD 0.015 per share for USD 1.2 million, which corresponds to a stake of 8.7%. According to the company, the completion of the acquisition is expected by March 12th at the latest.

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Hammerson (HMSO) shares will fall 7.51% to 21.38 pence with continued lockout restrictions

The European real estate company’s shares remain low – around 90% below their pre-pandemic value. The group recently warned investors that trading following new COVID-19 restrictions will continue to be challenging, undoing an improvement in visitor traffic in the run-up to Christmas.

Last month, HMSO announced that only a quarter of tenants are open, offering either major retail, click and collect and / or takeaway and delivery services in the UK. Visitor numbers have decreased in line with the introduction of new restrictions, particularly for UK flagships and Ireland.

Significant restrictions remain in place at the company’s central locations, including France, which remains under a national curfew at 6 p.m. and primarily affects its food, beverage and leisure brands.

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