Movers and delivery services bring down CO2 emissions

A digital platform that connects supply and demand – how original is that? Isn’t that also a tired business model? The “moving platform” Brenger nevertheless seems to have successfully found a certain niche in which this business model actually works. The Dutch start-up focuses exclusively on the transport of large items (sofas, cupboards, fridges, etc.) delivered by couriers who are already on the way.

With our formula, we save five million kilometers while traveling, up to ten laps around the world per month. “Derk van der Have from Brenger

This means that the holds of vans and small trucks used by delivery services are much less empty across the country. That means total savings in terms of money and definitely in terms of carbon emissions. In this sense, Berger is an innovative platform. “With our formula, we saved five million kilometers of travel last year,” estimates Derk van der Have, co-founder and director of Brenger, in his own press release. That’s up to ten laps around the world every month.


The principle is simple. A couch, refrigerator or other large object has to go from A to B. The transport can be carried out by a delivery company or by the customer himself. The result, however, is that in most cases a van will have to go there specifically for that purpose. Usually it is driven back empty. Bringer plans the goods in advance so that the courier trolleys are filled as well as possible.

This not only reduces the mileage and protects the environment a little, but also benefits the consumer. The price is lower than a regular delivery service. Brenger is therefore often used to pick up and deliver goods that have been purchased on the Marktplaats internet marketing website, eBay in the Netherlands.

Quality is important

Since the platform allows customers to rate drivers, they can even decide on the quality of the service they want to use. Quality is more important when delivering large items than when delivering a package, where the contents can hardly be damaged. According to Brenger, the platform also has advantages for couriers, as they can earn a little more on a route they have already taken.

The company Brenger, founded in 2016, aims to handle 2.5 million shipments by 2024. Brenger wants to reduce the total CO2 emissions of the Netherlands by 0.024%. It is not known if there is a similar digital platform elsewhere in Europe. Although there is Chaincargo that connects urgent shipments with drivers who are already in the area.

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