MoveMate makes moving & deliveries in Montreal easier than ever! 

In the past few months, the COVID-19 health crisis has changed most of our daily lives. Consumption habits were also turned upside down as they were forced to stay at home and limit interactions. This startup took the opportunity to respond to current consumer concerns, including the inability to purchase furniture and appliances without significant delivery delays during the pandemic. As a young company based in Montreal whose main goal was to offer a new and simplified moving solution, these services are now growing thanks to its new, innovative delivery system designed to meet customer expectations.

A moving solution 2.0

Moving is not child’s play. In fact, moving is a major source of stress for the vast majority of households, and out of the desire to accompany Montreal residents through this important phase of their lives, the MoveMate solution was born. In less than two minutes, customers can book their move or their delivery on MoveMate’s simple and intuitive booking platform. A trained and qualified partner is on the way. In even better news, you no longer have to contact your friends or family to find someone ready to help you and stop wasting your time on companies that charge astronomical fees.

MoveMate innovative moving solutions

Delivery is the new way to consume

The negative effects of the health crisis were perceived in different ways. Quebecers have reduced the number of in-person visits to small businesses, and due to shipping delays at some of the largest retailers, consumers have shifted to second-hand purchases [ZH2] Marketplaces. For this reason, MoveMate has set up a new service that allows individuals to have large items from furniture to appliances delivered. Have you seen a couch in Kijiji or a dishwasher in a thrift store but don’t have the means to collect your new purchase? With MoveMate, your items can now be delivered directly to your home within a day!

This Montreal startup is also developing a new concept: Ikea Shopping. Customers can order the furniture of their choice from the IKEA website, and Mates takes care of both in-store shopping and home delivery.

“Innovation and developing services that adapt to new needs are our priorities,” said Lucas Francioli, CEO.

MoveMate is transparent and has a personalized customer service. It continuously improves its platform to support changing customer preferences and enables them to have what they want, when they want, through its simple, efficient service that is accessible to all.

About MoveMate

MoveMate’s mandate is to provide innovative moving and delivery services that are simple and efficient. By assigning their customers to a mate whose tools, manpower and vehicle are adapted to their needs, MoveMate takes care of packing and transporting goods to a customer’s new residence, as well as transporting and delivering bulky items online or bought online store.

The company was founded by Lucas Francioli, a McGill University graduate. Lucas identified major inefficiencies in the archaic moving and delivery industry and set out to offer a simple and straightforward solution that would make these services as easy as ordering a pizza. In less than two minutes, customers can book their move or their delivery on MoveMate’s simple and intuitive booking platform, and a trained and qualified partner is on the go!

MoveMate Montreal Movers How It Works

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