Milwaukee increasing recycling pickup to every other week in June

Starting June 1st, recycling will be picked up every two weeks from one to four residential units in the city of Milwaukee.

Over time, the city has shifted from monthly recycling pickups to every third week as households recycled more, according to the city’s Department of Public Works.

The first collection after June 1 will vary, and residents can find their new collection plans online at in late May.

The more common recycling plan applies until November. In the coming years it will start in April.

The need to plow snow in winter means that the collection schedule will remain different from December to March.

The city does not start recycling buildings with more than four units.

The change will standardize the system for 180,000 Milwaukee households and improve recycling, city officials said.

The Recycling Partnership, a Virginia-based nonprofit that aims to increase recycling, invested $ 1.25 million in the city’s recycling system in the form of money, goods and services, and in-kind.

This includes a cash grant of $ 649,000, in-kind supplies and services of $ 125,000 in kind, and a resin donation of $ 479,150 to a third party vehicle manufacturer to be used for the manufacture and delivery of recycling vehicles.

Households with 18-gallon recycling bins will receive new 95-gallon recycling carts.

The city is paying $ 24,758 for the 18,615 new carts.

The grant runs from April 1 to May 31, 2022 and aims to improve the city’s recycling program on a permanent basis.

The city estimates that the program will divert more than 5,100 tons of residential recyclables from the landfill each year.

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