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December 04, 2020

Over 200 random customers visiting Meijer to pick up their groceries on the weekend before Thanksgiving got a big holiday surprise – the groceries were at the grocery store.

When the happy customers arrived for collection at one of 234 participating Meijer locations, they were greeted by a representative who told them the groceries they were collecting would be free, according to a report on MLive. These customers also received a $ 50 gift card for their next trip to Meijer. In some Meijer shops, employees greeted customers in costumes, played Christmas music and even presented bouquets of flowers. With the campaign, Meijer wanted to show appreciation to the customers who trusted that the grocer will shop for them under the difficult circumstances of the pandemic.

Like many large grocery chains, Meijer implemented roadside pick-ups and other services in the years before the novel coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has dramatically increased customer acceptance of these services across the board.

In response to increased demand for roadside pickup and delivery services, Meijer removed the $ 4.95 fee per order from food orders over $ 50 in October Detroit Free Press. Orders placed by Meijer through Shipt will continue to be charged a fee of $ 9.95 per order. The grocer has also started bringing in-store sales and weekly promotions to online customers.

Since the novel coronavirus pandemic began, Meijer has not only focused more on roadside compliance, but has also taken numerous other steps to improve customer safety. For example, in April, after public health professionals identified overcrowded grocery stores as a potentially dangerous source of virus transmission, Meijer temporarily suspended its weekly advertising campaigns to reduce in-store traffic.

Towards the end of November ABC12 news Meijer reportedly partnered with some state agencies to release a message advising against panic buying to protect the supply chain as COVID-19 cases began to rise again in the US. As part of that announcement, William, CEO of the Michigan Retailers Association Hallan, pointed out stores offering roadside pickup and delivery as a safer way to shop for groceries during the vacation.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Are promotions like Meijer a good idea for grocers who want to highlight pickup services and show customers that they care about them during the pandemic? What other types of promotions could retailers currently use as a foundation for customer loyalty?

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“Creative minds who aren’t afraid to advertise in a unique and people-friendly way own the day.”

“The part that separates me the most from any loyalty-enhancing potential (beyond the lucky few winners) is doing the ‘reveal moment’.”

“Never underestimate the power of positive reinforcement! This was a great pay-it-forward move by Meijer.”


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